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Romanian students have won three awards at NASA Ames Space Settlement competition. The students of Andrei Saguna national college from Brasov have won all first prizes for their projects that consist of human settlements in space.

12 teams participated from the same high school and 10 of them won different awards. Overall 4,000 projects from across the world have been submitted and 1,500 were rejected.

Students had to create small artificial planets where people can live. They also had to find real solutions for sustain life and for helping humans live together and organize socially.


Overall the students have won three gold medals, two silver medals, two bronze medals and four mentions. This is a big achievement, as Romania has never won so many prizes. Usually, students from India are the ones who pick up most prizes.

Screen Shot 2017-03-31 at 10.10.39

The first project that won the gold medal was created by students Ioana Popa, Andrei Bardas and Ana-Maria Bardas. They have created a community that manages to live together in peace and harmony. In this special spaceship that was built by students, people go to the gym and recreation centers at least four hours a day.

Awarded students will participate at the NASA international conference in Saint Louis, USA in May where they will be awarded the prizes.

Sources: pozitivenewsromania

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Romanian director Cristian Mungiu will preside the Cinéfondation and Short Films Jury at this year’s edition of the Cannes Film Festival, taking place between May 17 and May 28.

Mungiu, a 2007 Palme d’Or winner, was also part of the Cannes main competition jury in 2013. Steven Spielberg’s presided over the jury that year. Previous jury presidents of the Cinéfondation and Short Films section, which looks at and supports the new generations of filmmakers, include Naomi Kawase, Abderrahmane Sissako, Abbas Kiarostami, and Jane Campion.

Spanish director Pedro Almodóvar is this year’s president of the jury of the Cannes International Film Festival.

Besides the Palme d’Or won for the film 4 months, 3 weeks and 2 days, Mungiu landed several other awards in Cannes. In 2012 he won the Best Screenplay award for Beyond the Hills, while the leading actresses in the film shared the Best Actress award. Last year, he got the Best Director award for the film Graduation

“Value and originality have never achieved easy recognition in the cinema. And it’s even harder to recognize the value and originality of very young directors. But the Cinéfondation is known for having succeeded in doing just that to great effect. The Cinéfondation has always given young directors the help and recognition they needed at the very outset of their career, so that they could express themselves with courage and find their own voice. Long may that continue to achieve the same impact. It’s an endeavor in which I’m proud to be playing a part,” Mungiu said of his appointment.

The Cannes press release announcing Mungiu will preside over the Cinéfondation jury describes the Romanian director as “an eminent representative of the Romanian New Wave,” who “enjoys a long and glittering history with the Festival.”

“The filmography of this demanding and socially engaged director has been widely acclaimed by successive juries because it offers such an uncompromisingly sharp and exacting view of Romanian society, but packs a universal message. His ambitious works take a scalpel to human nature and treat it with rare intelligence: a gentle satire on the dreams of young Romanians in the post-communist period (Occident, 2002); a chilling tale of a clandestine small-town abortion (4 months, 3 weeks and 2 days, 2007); surreal and  deadpan urban legends under the Ceauşescu system (Tales from the Golden Age, 2009); exorcism against a background of religious fundamentalism and communist heritage (Beyond the Hills, 2012); and a moral tale of dishonest compromises and corruption in Romanian society (Graduation, 2016),” the release reads.

“Cristian Mungiu is a glorious member of that Romanian school showcased by Thierry Frémaux in the 2000s,” said Gilles Jacob, president of the Cinéfondation. “Just to look at the intelligence and interactive ramifications of a screenplay like Graduation is to understand that Cristian is the dream examiner for the big Festival exam – the Cinéfondation and the short films. I wonder who will pass? Good luck to all the candidates!”

Sources: romania-insider

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Interview with Mihai Ivascu The CEO of Moneymailme The Social Money Transferring Payments App

Intelligenthq interview Mihai Ivascu a serial-entrepreneur, thought leader CEO and Founder of Moneymailme – A Social Money Transferring Payments App. Mihai is based between London where the company is based and Monaco where he finished his MBA and runs various ventures. With 10 years experience in the crossover between corporations and start-ups, FinTech, innovation, and marketing consulting although still very young is a serious experienced professional with a multidisciplinary capacity as few.


Interview with Mihai Ivascu CEO of Moneymailme The Social Money Transferring Payments App from IntelligentHQ on Vimeo.

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Experts from Symme 3D, a technology start-up in Timisoara, have made the first 3D bio-printer in Romania. The device is being used in advanced experiments carried out by OncoGen – Center for Gene and Cellular Therapies in the Treatment of Cancer, a unique institute in Romania and Southeastern Europe.

“We’re already working with the printer, I made the first samples of cartilage with the colleagues from OncoGen. In addition to stem cells that can be harvested only at birth, we also try to use epithelial cells, because these cells are most easily reprogrammed. At the stage we are now, we can use this printer to print large cartilaginous tissues, such as cartilage, ears, and noses, because they don’t have a complex vascularization,” said Romanian entrepreneur Calin Brandabur, founder and Chief Technology Officer of Symme 3D, cited by local Mediafax.

In the future, the center’s experts plan to also print blood vessels, skin, big organs such as liver and kidneys, and even muscles and bones. According to Brandabur, who was part of the team that worked on the bio-printer, the risk that the body will reject these organs will be practically zero.

“Because we’re talking about cells from the same DNA, the same body, the same patient.”

The OncoGen institute in Timisoara bought three 3D printers, including the one produced by Symme 3D, which is the most advanced. The center plans to file for EU funds to finance tests in the field of 3D regeneration.

Irina Popescu,

(Photo source: Symme3D on Facebook)

Sources: romanianinsider

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Hi Sebastian Stan fans! The video interview is up on Pro TV’s site!
I’ve embedded the video below and shared the transcription (translated to English) of the interview below!

I believe a translated/subtitled version will be posted later!
Watch the video here:

Translated Article : Source

Play the hottest Hollywood blockbusters, along with many other famous actors worldwide. Teams up with Captain America, Iron Man to face and has millions of fans among fans of movies with superheroes.

 His name is Sebastian Stan, was born in Constanta, and is very busy with projects overseas. There is hunted by televisions around the globe, after entering in the top echelon of VIPs from the film industry.Premiere for Romania, agreed to a meeting in New York with the team PROTV and talked about memories of their native land. Feel Romanian, his roots and has a message for all of us – eager to revisit his country and city where he was born.

It’s 9 am in New York and the city vibrates intensely. It’s full of people on the streets of Manhattan, an island that many decades temple is financial, cultural and commercial center of America. Millions of souls animated by street noise, the glare on the huge buildings and flavor of coffee sold everywhere, flooding major thoroughfares of the most cosmpolit New York neighborhood. Hudson Street 428, a young man turns to a cafe.

Wear a leather jacket, and a hat to easily mask features and is accompanied by a personal assistant.Speak respectfully and quickly enter into conversation with the club owner, an Australian married to a Romanian. It is recommended simple and says Sebastian lives in the area.

Meet Sebastian Stan, novel that 34 years playing in the hottest blockbusters in Hollywood. Bucky world knows him as the best friend of Captain America, the superhero movies Series 3, which earned the last 4 years a brilliant success.

“I really like the whole group of people who are there, who make movies, get back together very well … yes, what to say, it’s very interesting,” says Sebastian.

Reporter : How it is to be a friend of Captain America and together we beat Iron Man?
Sebastian Stan : That’s good. It seems unreal that are paid to them hitting others.

Everyone knows that Hollywood is novel, colleagues plateau, the TV program makers. And all those who collaborate want to hear speaking in Romanian. Sharon Stone flirted with live, all in Romanian.

It’s sexy, has a body million and is courted by big companies advertising for numerous commercials and in the movies is said to have a killer smile. And when they found out it’s novel, many fans started to speak in their mother tongue.

He won the admiration of millions of fans worldwide playing the role of sexy and tough guy who face almost all the symbols in American heroes, comic book-inspired characters such as Iron Man or Captain America. Starring Robert Downey Junior, Scarlet Johansson, Chris Evans, Hugo Weaving and Samuel L. Jackson and many other famous actors, with which it shares the set.

Sebastian Stan: “I always think of when I wake up, it’s like a dream.”

Easily finds words in Romanian language as the discussion progresses, he is not easy, since it does not have much opportunity to speak Romanian, no New York or Hollywood, American film in the city.

Sebastian Stan : ” May I talk to mom and dad talk to once a week. My mother especially.”

His parents divorced when he was only two years Sebastian and his father’s all in America, but on the west coast. Visit it when going to Los Angeles for filming, and says that parents have kept alive the interest in Romania.

“Now I’m more interested to Romania, I want to come back” , said the actor.

It happens in 1990, Sebastian was 8 years old and lived in Constanta. Immediately after the revolution, his mother, a piano teacher, took her to Vienna, where they lived for three years, and then flew across the ocean, in the United States.

Sebastian Stan : “It was very early, but I have memories. For communists and that situation what to say. I remember New Year TV was open all night, as otherwise he was only an hour.”

In front of a coffee with lots of milk, Sebastian says you enjoy fame and commercial success of films brought him fame, but he would like and deeper roles.

Sebastian Stan: “Here is independent and commercial film, both are good, but I want roles about life, about family.”

And this chapter to tell us that is watching Romanian productions. He saw many of the films awarded in Europe and wants to cooperate with Romanian filmmakers.

“Cristi Puiu, Mungiu at Mungiu I was with my mother,” said the actor.

I praise the film because Romanians do talk about realities of Romanian society that begins to meet her too. Romanian film made to understand, more recently, free after his mother, when he decided to emigrate with him, thousands of kilometers from Romania.

Sebastian Stan : ” Seeing Mungiu’s last film, I understood how he was with his mother and how she struggled with a child, take a penny in the house to bring food.”

Charisma, ambition and talent brought him film roles and Oscar. In Martian starring Matt Damon and another award winning film, Black Swan, filmed scenes with Natalie Portman. He starred in musicals on Broadway but, but in Gossip Girl, and PRO TV broadcast. Each time, the man had roles irresistible, but in the latest Captain America film trilogy, launched this summer, it plays a central role.And received replies in Romanian, after discussion with the director to bring a cramp in his homeland scenario.

Sebastian Stan : “I talked to said it’s in my favor as I speak, I did you a favor.”

After increased, he supported himself by working as a waiter at a restaurant in Manhattan, at a time when every dollar received says that mattered enormously. Serving meals but did not give up his dream of playing on big stages for theater and film. The first casting for the film he had when he was in Vienna and was only 10 years old, and since then hoped to be in the world of Hollywood.

Sebastian Stan: “I remember that my mother took me. I like interpreter, to imitate other people around me.”

Romania is strongly attached to, boasted everywhere that he was born in Constanta and was the block in a seaside town, which he visited in 2005.

Sebastian Stan : ” I went to the beach … it was summer … I spent my birthday there in August, it was great.”

Mention a sad time for the family, which he held in recent years has come back in his native district of the Black Sea.

“There was also a mother, but my mother died for me is a little sad, would mean to go to the cemetery, to relive … but I come.”

But becomes very serious when recounts memories of Constanta, in the days of the Revolution of 1989. It played between blocks in a workers’ neighborhood erupted when riot.

Sebastian Stan : “They were young flag emblem torn, that’s not forget all my life, I could see that something is happening. And I searched recently on YouTube images of Ceausescu, and he talked and came the helicopter and took him, and so I felt all the muscles, I felt like a knife in me. “

E worshiped and flooded with messages of love and support from everyone that he feels fully Romanian roots. It’s always funny and very attentive to public appearances, and polite. Locks their fans with smiles, jokes and even hugs.

Travels a lot in Europe and Asia and many trips made each year in major American cities to promote superhero films. Go to the gym almost daily, where he has a personal trainer, but likes to recharge batteries for hours strolling the streets of New York, says that the bustle of city buildings and architecture give it more energy.

Reporter : Do you feel that fame changed you?
Sebastian Stan: I think it makes me more responsible, you are somewhat responsible for what you do, you win money you do with him 20 years that was not in my mind. “

Beyond the thundering success, American tabloids have talked a lot and write about his private life, about relationships that you had only colleague plateau. Formed a couple for several years with Leighton Meester, Gossip Girl co-star in. There followed a long romance with Russian Margarita Levieva, with whom he starred in “Spread”, but this summer there have been more and more rumors that the two would be separated on the grounds of jealousy. Sebastian Stan and agreed to talk to us about this.

Sebastian Stan : There is separation that much time with departures FIMAR, you saw how other relationships are broken, you saw Brad with Angelina.
Reporter : You do want a family?
Sebastian Stan : I want a family, I determined to have a family and career, you saw that there are such cases.

Do not put your career first plan and dream to have children. By then, it is working on six new projects.Media in Hollywood speculated that could play even the young Luke Skywalker, in a new episode of Star Wars, after more manufacturers would have noticed striking similarities between him and Mark Hamill, who plays the role of the years 80. Sebastian prefer to talk more about the European film industry, which is increasingly informs.

He told us about the latest gossip in Hollywood, for the best filming locations in Eastern Europe.

Sebastian Stan : ” I heard something on films cast from Budapest and they put some taxes and to move increasingly in Romania.”

Home to his mother in New York, always eat Romanian.

“And now for the holidays, make cabbage rolls, and salad beuf, that’s so unthinkable,” says Sebastian.

At 34, Sebastian Stan recommend famous films around the globe, and shares scenes blockbusters with stars of the caliber. Hollywood in Constanta, Romania country of all possibilities, during the communist Romanian huge success american, Sebastian do not forget to be a good novel.

“You are responsible life as an actor.”

It optimistic about Romania trusts that Romanians can do beautiful things. He went down and followed his childhood dream. He hoped and never gave up, searched and always looking to show that he has talent. With everything done in the great city of American film, Sebastian Stan show the world that Romanians are special. They are beautiful, strong and respectful. They succeed because they have any ambition to follow his great dream, regardless of obstacles.

“Happy Birthday Romania, PRO TV Happy Birthday, Thank you interviewed me.”

Sources: sebatianstanzone

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me largeEnvoyEnvoy CEO Larry Gadea

Not a lot of people get to work at Google, much less before entering college.

But for Larry Gadea, founder of visitor-registration software Envoy, a job at Google just kind of came naturally right after high school, at the age of 18.

Gadea started programming when he was 8 years old. He loved computers and was already writing games by high school.

But it was a plug-in he developed for Google Desktop Search that put him on Google’s radar. It would allow the users to find and index files in their computers that Google Desktop Search couldn’t. It made the search feature a lot more useful, and immediately became super popular.

More detail in business insider 

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The bold No Pants Subway Ride event will be staged this Sunday in Bucharest as of 15:00 hrs, with participants invited to ride the subway pants-free, but also donate clothes, the organizers announced.

No Pants Subway Ride has been running worldwide since 2002 and this is its second straight year in Bucharest. The meeting point is the subway entrance near the Starbucks café in Unirii Square; the riders are invited to go pants-free, yet with the mention that they should wear boxers or shorts and no screaming out underwear, the organizers announced on Facebook.

More details on agerpres

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Monica Niculescu on Saturday succeeded this year’s first win for Romanian tennis, defeating together with US partner Vania King Seed No. 1, Chinese pair Xu Yi-Fan / Zheng Saisai 6-1, 6-4, in the doubles event of the Shenzhen (China) WTA Open featuring 426,750 US dollars in total prize money.

For their win Monica Niculescu and Vania King were rewarded with a cheque of 17,724 dollars and 280 WTA points.

More detail on agerpres

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Romanian tennis player Simona Halep, WTA’s No. 2, is the most popular tennis player in 2015, according to the WTA website.

Halep was the most “clicked on” player on, for the second year in a row. In 2015 the Romanian had her best ever season, finishing at No.2 on the year-end WTA Rankings, despite winning only three titles, in Shenzhen, Dubai and Indian Wells.

The top 50 most popular players of 2015 on the WTA website includes three other Romanian players, Irina Begu — ranked 39th, Andreea Mitu — ranked 47th, and Monica Niculescu — ranked 50th.

The top 10 most popular players are:

1. Simona Halep (Romania)
2. Serena Williams (US)
3. Maria Sharapova (Russia)
4. Agnieszka Radwanska (Poland)
5. Eugenie Bouchard (Canada)
6. Ana Ivanovic (Serbia)
7. Caroline Wozniacki (Denmark)
8. Garbine Muguruza (Spain)
9. Petra Kvitova (Czech Republic)
10. Venus Williams (US)


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Romanian judoka Andreea Chitu on Thursday won the women’s U52 event at the Judo Grand Prix Jeju event in South Korea after an ippon win over Japanese Mako Uchio in the final.

In the second round, Chitu defeated German Maria Ertl (ippon); in the quarter-finals she prevailed over Mongolia’s Bundmaa Munkhbataar by warnings, while in the semi-finals she defeated Priscilla Gneto of France.

In the U48 event, Romanians Monica Ungureanu finished 7th after defeating South Korea’s Oh Yeunju in the second round and losing in the semi-finals to Kazakh Otgontsetseg Galbadrakh and in the repechage to Turkish Dilara Lokmanhekim.

Loredana Ohai lost in the second round of the U57 event to Israel’s Camila Minakawa.

On Friday, Corina Caprioriu will compete in the first round of the U63 event against Taiwanese Huang Shih Han.

There are 421 judokas from 70 countries competing at the event, 237 in men’s contests and 184 in women’s contests. AGERPRES

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