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Romanian engineer Corneliu Birtok Baneasa has won a gold medal and the special Prize of the delegation of Thailand at the Brussels Innova International Fair, that took place from Nov. 19 to 21, with his device that allows an up to 5pct growth in the power of the car engine, in parallel with a 7pct cut of the fuel consumption and of the pollutants.

Photo credit: (c) Sorin BLADA / AGERPRES photo

Called “thermal deflector”, destined to protect the supra-aspiring air filter against thermal radiations. It is said to be useful in summertime to keep air temperatures low and avoid power leakage from the engine because of heat.

“In summertime, the engine may lose 20 per cent of power because of heat. This deflector will keep temperatures low, while offering the motor constant power both in spring and in autumn,” Birtok Baneasa explained.

In the inventor’s opinion, the jury appreciated the performances of his invention, and also the fact that by slashing fuel consumption, the device contributes to a diminishing of the pollutants emitted into the atmosphere by the vehicles where it might be used.

“The thermal deflector is not only limited to the automotive industry. It could also be used in constructions. Obviously, researches could be extended to and diversified with regards to its usefulness,” said Corneliu Birtok Baneasa.

In the opinion of the Deva-born engineer, the Romanian research needs a higher financial support, as an efficient way to contribute to the development of the national economy.

At the Brussels Innova Fair, Birtok Baneasa has represented Romania alongside the team selected by the National Authority for Scientific Research and Innovation (ANCSI).AGERPRES

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The pair of Horia Tecau (Romania) and Jean-Julien Rojer (the Netherlands) has won on Sunday the final of the doubles event at the 2015 ATP Would Tour Finals in London, after winning to the Romanian-Indian pairing Florin Mergea / Rohan Bopanna, 6-4, 6-3.

Photo credit: (c) Grigore POPESCU / AGERPRES archive

The two second seeds Rojer and Tecau win their 11th team title.AGERPRES

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The Romanian athlete Codrina Ionescu has won the gold medal at the 56kg category (juniors) on Friday, at the Juniors and Youth World Sambo Championships in Riga (Latvia).

Photo credit: (c) Silviu MATEI / Photo AGERPRES

In the finals, Codrina Ionescu has won by forfeit of her opponent, the Russian Maria Suhoparova.
The bronze medals went to Tatiana Demceanka (Belarus) and Balmeken Amangeldi (Kazahstan).
Codrina Ionescu is training at CSA Steaua with coach Robert Andreescu, while at the national team with Viorel Gasca, the Romanian Sambo Federation chair and coordinator coach of the women teams.AGERPRES

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The Romanian sabre has excellently debuted in the new season of the World Cup, on Saturday in Tbilisi (Georgia), with fencer Tiberiu Dolniceanu wining the silver medal in men’s individual sabre test, at the end of a very good effort.

Photo credit: (c) Silviu MATEI / AGERPRES Photo

The student of Mihai Covaliu has had the following route until he won his first medal of the new season of the World Cup at men’s individual sabre: the table of 64 — 15-11 with Matthias Willau (Austria); the table of 32 — 15-9 with Bolade Apithy (France); the table of 16 — 15-10 with Diego Occhiuzzi (Italy); the table of 8 — 15-14 with Mojtaba Abedini (Iran); the semifinals: 15-7 with Andrei Iagodka (Ukraine); the final: 8-15 with Aleksei Yakimenko (Russia), according to the Romanian Fencing Federation.

Romania was also represented on Saturday on the table of 64 by two other fencers, Ciprian Galatanu and Iulian Teodosiu, who were eliminated in table of 64. On Friday, in the qualifier the competition was also left by Alin Badea, George Iancu and Dragos Sirbu.

On Sunday is scheduled the team test.AGERPRES

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In the last day of the European Junior & U23 Weightlifting Championships in Klaipeda (Lithuania), the Romanian athlete Andreea Aanei has won three gold medals at the 75 kg, at snatch, clean-and-jerk and overall.

Photo credit: (c) Aanei Andreea / Facebook

At overall, Andreea Aanei imposed with 247 kg to the Russian Ksenia Pashina, medalled with silver, with 237 kg, the 3rd place being occupied by Polish Aleksandra Mierzejewska — 228 kg.

At snatch, Aanei won by 111 kg, being followed by the same two athletes, Pashina with 102 kg, and Mierzejewska — 101 kg.

At clean-and-jerk, the Romanian athlete made it to lift 136 kg. On 2nd came the Russian Pashina, with 135 kg, and on 3rd the Belgian Anna Van Bellinghen, with 128 kg.AGERPRES

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Larisa Iordache kept once more her all-round champion crown of Romania’s women artistic gymnastics on Saturday.

She totalled 61.100 points in the competition hosted by the ‘Ioan Kunst-Ghermanescu’ Sports Hall of Bucharest, for her third consecutive national title; Anamaria Ocolisan ended second with 57.700 and Diana Bulimar third with 57.250.

The men’s and women’s events of Romania’s National Artistic Gymnastics Championships are scheduled on Sunday. AGERPRES

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Romania won the gold medals in men’s double sculls and women’s coxless pairs on Sunday at the World Rowing Under 23 Championships in Plovdiv, Bulgaria.

Vlad Dragos Aicoboae and Toader Andrei Gontaru stopped the chronometer of the men’s double sculls at 6 min 25 sec 55/100, ahead of Australia (6:26.79) and Serbia (6:28.39).

Viviana Iuliana Bejinariu and Ioana Vrinceanu won the women’s coxless pairs event in 6 min 57 sec 57/100, followed by New Zealand (6:58.77) and Netherlands (7:00.17).

Also on Sunday, Romania’s men’s eight scull ended fourth and women’s lightweight pair fifth in the respective finals.

Romania had already won one gold medal on Saturday, in the men’s coxless four event. AGERPRES

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Romania has won two silver medals at the International Linguistics Olympiad in Bulgaria, Romania’s Ministry of Education and Scientific Research reports.

A gold medallist at the previous edition and also at the recently ended International Biology Olympiads, 12th grader Dan Mircea Mirea of the Fratii Buzesti National College of Craiova won the silver medal and the prize for the best solution to a problem. Another silver medal went to Teodora-Elena Solovan, a student of the Petru Rares National College of Suceava, according to the Education Ministry.

Also included in the Romanian team were 2014 silver medallist Vlad Neacsu of the Bucharest International Informatics High School and Denisa Apetroaiei of the Mihail Kogalniceanu High School of Vaslui. Coaching and accompanying the students were Roxana Dinca and Adina Dragomirescu of the Faculty of Letters of the Bucharest University.

The International Linguistics Olympiad, one of 12 science Olympiads in the world, has individual and team contests. The test items requires analogies using notions of grammar logics and mathematical logics to understand unknown languages starting from the premise that linguistics puts order in thinking and regulates explicit linguistic communication by building structures that favour easy learning of any language.

Competing in the 13th edition of the International Linguistics Olympiad, July 20-24 in Blagoevgrad, Bulgaria, were students from 29 countries: Australia, Bangladesh, Bulgaria, Canada, China, the Czech Republic, Estonia, France, Hungary, India, Ireland, Iceland, Japan, Kazakhstan, Lithuania, the Netherlands, Poland, Romania, Russia, Singapore, Slovenia, South Korea, Spain, Sweden, Taiwan, Turkey, Ukraine, the UK and the US. AGERPRES

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Swimmer Claudia Maria Gadea this Monday brought Romania the first gold medal at the European Olympic Youth Festival (EYOF) in Tbilisi, in the girls’ 400m medley event.

Photo credit: (c) Bucharest Municipal Swimming Association site

Gadea clocked 4m 53 sec 87/100, outperforming UK’s Rebecca Sutton — 4m 55 sec 65/100, and Germany’s Celine Rieder — 4m 56 sec 85/100.

Here are other results of Romanian swimmers in the competition: 9th spot in the women’s 4 x 100m freestyle relay (Ana Iulia Dascal, Jasminne Anne Marie Ivan, Cristina Lucia Andreea Giurca, Maria Claudia Gadea), with 4:01.54; 13th spot — men’s 4 x 100m freestyle relay (Ionut Radu, Daniel Cristian Martin, Robert Dumitru Valeanu, Andrei Rusen), with 3:34.23; 14th spot — Ionut Radu (men’s 200m freestyle — 1:54.68); 24th spot — Andrei Rusen (men’s 200m freestyle — 1:56.24). AGERPRES

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Romanian athlete Georgiana Anitei has conquered the world title and the gold medal of the triple jump event of the IAAF World Youth Championship held in Cali, Colombia, imposing herself categorically from the first to the last jump, the sixth jump marking, at 13.49 m, the best performance in the world this year.

The silver and bronze medals were won, at a considerable difference, by Chinese athlete Rui Zeng — 13.04 m (second best jump 12.98), and Cuban Yanna Anay Armenteros — 13.04 m (second best jump 12.74), respectively.

Georgiana Anitei is thus the third Romanian champion in the triple jump of the competition, the title being won previously by Florentina Marincu in Donetsk, in 2013, with a 13.75 m jump, and Cristine Spataru who set the record of the event, with 13.86, in Sherbrooke, Canada, in 2003.

Born on March 26, 1999, Georgiana Iuliana Anitei is a member of the SCM Bacau club where she is coached by Cristi Nemteanu. She is also set to take part in the finals of the long jump event in Cali. AGERPRES

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