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Iraq’s National Investment Commission (NIC) in cooperation with Anbar province and Anbar Investment Commission has announced several investment opportunities within the new Habbaniya [Habaniya] city in Anbar, with a total area of 16,000 acres:

The project is a complete city and contains:

  • 5,000 horizontal housing units;
  • 11,000 vertical housing units;
  • Schools (kindergartens, primary, intermediate, secondary schools);
  • University, colleges and educatory institutions;
  • Hotels and a tourists resort;
  • Research and Entertainment centers;
  • Stadium and sport halls;
  • Hospitals and specialized medical centers;
  • Governmental centers.

Investors wishing to apply for this investment opportunity may submit their completed investment applications with the economic and technical offers and the financial plans either to NIC by email: oss@investpromo.gov.iq

Or to Anbar Investment Commission through the following phone No:


(Source: NIC)

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Iraq’s National Investment Commission (NIC) has released a 3,100-donum (775 hectare) site for development.

The Al-Bathaa land starts north of the Euphrates river and ends south of the old Ur railway line; to the west the land is adjacent to the Bathaa district while close to the center of Thi Qar Province on the east.

The Nasiriyah – Bathaa electricity line and pure water line goes transversally through the land which is also divided by Baghdad – Basra high way.

To the east of the land there is a fuel station, rest house and a restaurant.

There is an irrigation pump of 145 horse-power capacity.

The southern side of the land is 8-10 Km from the Ziggurat of Ur (pictured).

Possible uses include:

  • Tourism
  • Housing
  • Agricultural
  • Industrial
  • Services projects (Hospitals, Universities …. etc)

(Source: NIC)

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