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Iraq’s National Investment Commission (NIC) in cooperation with Anbar province and Anbar Investment Commission has announced several investment opportunities within the new Habbaniya [Habaniya] city in Anbar, with a total area of 16,000 acres:

The project is a complete city and contains:

  • 5,000 horizontal housing units;
  • 11,000 vertical housing units;
  • Schools (kindergartens, primary, intermediate, secondary schools);
  • University, colleges and educatory institutions;
  • Hotels and a tourists resort;
  • Research and Entertainment centers;
  • Stadium and sport halls;
  • Hospitals and specialized medical centers;
  • Governmental centers.

Investors wishing to apply for this investment opportunity may submit their completed investment applications with the economic and technical offers and the financial plans either to NIC by email: oss@investpromo.gov.iq

Or to Anbar Investment Commission through the following phone No:


(Source: NIC)

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Thanks for inquiring about future business opportunities in Iraqi-Kurdistan with our company.

Are you interested in the supply of Crude Oil from SOMO. If you know any refineries that are interested in buying Crude Oil, we can work directly with SOMO to secure you an attractive discount, depending on the destination.

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I am run a business consultancy company helping to introduce foreign companies to Kurdistan.
We mainly work with oil and gas operators but can also assist in other sectors.
We handle registration, government and legal, tender processes etc.


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if you know the refinery folks and they are interested in Iraqi Crude oil then definitely we can provide you the requested quantity.The documents needed are as follows :

1. A letter on refinery letterhead stating the monthly quantity of crude oil needed.

2. Company profile of the company.

3.A letter stating the fact that ” the name at that time you aks for ”  is working as a representative of the company in Iraq.

4. Sate lite image of the refinery.

All the documents need to be endorsed by the Iraqi Embassy of the corresponding country and hard copies need to be sent.

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Our new price for drilling up to (200m) is ($80/metre). We have (6) truck mounted rigs for exploration & seismic drilling.

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Luxurious Villa in Erbil (Zanko area, opposite “Qaryay Zanko” ); 3 stories; 8 bed-rooms, 8 bathrooms, two living rooms, two kitchens, swimming pool. $5,000 per month/ directly from the owner.

Located near 100M road, 15 min from the airport, in a quiet, safe area of Erbil. The villa is suitable for expats, families, companies, NGO’s, local and foreign expats. The villa can also be suitable for Oil & Gas companies, or/and their staff (accommodation). For more details, contact me at: mariwan.journalist@gmail.com

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