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canalizare 350 milioane usd

spital cu 450 paturi 35 milioane

constructie primarie 40 milioane

statie curent 350 milioane



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We have a telecom project in Kurdistan in which we are looking for a partner to finance.  The project is basically to provide wireless internet network in Kurdistan by utilizing WiFi and or WiMax technology.  The group I represent is a prominent group in Kurdistan and currently has a license for WiFi and WiMax.  Let me know if this is something you have an interest in.

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My field is electrical industries (manufacturing MEDUUEM VOLTAGE &LOW VOLTAGE SWITCHGEARS OR PANELS) so I look for partner or joint venture in this field in Baghdad as well as I have factory for M.V.&L.V. electrical panels as I told you in advance and I have two show rooms in electrical market in center Baghdad and also I official distributor for EATON –MOELLER products in Baghdad  so I look for as a partner or joint venture or
Yes I mean money for develop actual business so I give you short idea about this business:- Our project need new machines for fabricate electric panels from sheet iron (PLATE) this machines which are as bellow:-

1-CNC PUNCHING MACHINE ,the space which need in this machine  minimum 1*2m² for plate size and thickness of plate is 6mm²

2-CNC BENDING MACHINE 200TON OR thickness of plate is 10MM²

3-CNC SHEARING MACHINE 200TON OR thickness of plate 10MM²

4-LINE FOR PAINT(ELECTRO STATIC POWEDER PAINT) 5-STUD WELDING MACHINE This main machines for products the panels. Note :-till now no factory in Iraq have this machines so till now all the panels in Iraqi market import from outside Iraq which name mechano (that is mean connect each other without welding)just by screw  so we can supply this panels(empty panels) to market with &without electic materials I mean we can supply only panels which now many shops import this panels from turkey &Syria& china and other countries so Iraqi market need this panels too much As I told you before I have factory for panels but I have old machines but I have know how and experience in products this panels and marketing in all Iraq and my factory is fames in Iraq So I wait your reply about this business and you can tell me what you need from me to start in this business  and I sure this project return its money throw one year With best regards

I mean by investor for develop my actual business that I want partner to share with me by money because I need only money for develop and work very well

I am ready to do anything to ensure this partnership and the appropriate amount for this project is estimated at one million dollars
But if you does not want to enter into a partnership for the amount of the loan guarantee is the only  manufacturer to have all the equipment is the guarantee that the scoring in the legal community in Iraq and outside Iraq, as you want.and make agreement about the share of each partner

I have business plan  which will send it for you after modification because I did it before three years ago

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