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2 clădiri de birouri de vanzare in zona pipera

CLADIREA 1 S+P+4 etaje
teren 1.277 mp

Parcare terana 20 loc

Grad de inchiriere 50%

Chirie = 7 euro / mp
Mententa = 2.5 euro / mp

Venituri lunare din parcare 1.000 euro

Incasari 14.300 euro / luna sau 171.600 euro / an

Posibilitati largite de incasare anuale 319.200 euro

Pret vanare 3.5 milioane euro

Pret /mp 1.000 euro

CLADIREA 2 2S+P+7 etaje

5.000 MP utili

Suprafata teren 2.563 mp

Parcare subterana 92
Parcare terana 20

Grad de inchiriere 70%
Chirie = 7 euro / mp
Mententa = 2.5 euro / mp

Venituri lunare din parcare 5.500 euro

Incasari 38.750 euro / luna sau 471.600 euro / an

Posibilitati de incasare anuale 570.000 euro

Pret vanare 7.8 milioane euro

Pret vanare 780 euro / mp

Incasari lunare 46.550

Incasari anuale 558.600

Pret mediu vanzare 890 euro

Total pret vanzare 2 clădiri de 13.500 mp

11.3 milioane euro

Pret mediu 837 euro / mp construit

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We start the graphics and animation training programs, supported by teacher with more than 15 years experience . This program provides the basics basics through which the little creators can make their own cartoons or animations. Designed to cover the entire process of making an animation video, the teaching is dedicated to children with the minimum age of 10 years and will take place online, via Zoom platform.

The rate is 400 RON / month, according to the attached program.

Here are some of the benefits of this course:

1. Experience and portfolio
2. Develops general culture
3. Stimulates creativity
4. Develops attention and analysis skills
5. It is an online course


More information on Facebook, phone 004 0758.839.883 or  email: ScoalaSuccesuluiMVP@gmail.com


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The Romanian Gymnastics Federation will propose you a partnership  for 2020 Championship.

We need about 11,000 euros for  awards and they offer several benefits presented in the ADVANTAGE link.

A media action report can be viewed by accessing the MEDIA link.

You can find the description of the project by accessing the CHAMPIONSHIP link.

Those interested are asked to contact us until November 6, 2020.

Additional details at 0758.839.883


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Federatia Romana de Gimnastica va propune un parteneriat pentru premierea castigatorilor din Campionatul 2020.

Este nevoie de cca 11.000 euro pentru care oferim mai multe beneficii prezentate in link-ul AVANTAJ .

Un raport de actiuni media poate fi vizualizat accesand link-ul MEDIA

Descrierea proiectului o gasiti accesand link-ul CAMPIONAT .

Cei intersati sunt rugati sa ne contacteze pana  pe 6 noiembrie 2020.

Detalii suplimentare la 0758.839.883

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G/B/B/C este un Concept de Consultanță Globală fundamentat pe viziunea de „Business to Business” care aduce o abordare nouă în relația dintre Consultanți și Clienți în domeniul juridic și imobiliar.

Redefinește standardul serviciilor prestate prin intermediul parteneriatelor integrate pentru eficiență G/B/B/C oferă Clienților săi servicii imobiliare integrate plecând de la achiziția terenului, arhitectură, design, mobilier și până la promovarea și vânzarea proiectului.

Pentru o prezentare completa a noului concept in domeniu imobiliar la cheie  va propun o intalnire la noi la birou oricand doriti.

Mai multe detalii la telefon 0758.839.883

Accesand link ul de mai jos gasiti o prezentare detaliata a GBBC

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We offer for sale a functional timber factory in Romania with a contract who buys everything that the factory produces.


– Total area over 90,000 sqm
– Cutting capacity approximately 3,500 m3 of beech on 1 shift per month
– Building area – 8,000 sqm
– Concrete surfaces – 24,000 sqm
– Surface areas – 4,800 sqm
– Complete vertical cutting line Primultini (Italy) 1,400 + log trolley. – Primindini refindino cutting line (Italy) 1,000.
– Exhaust system.
– AQC PRIMULTINI sharpening machine
– Compressor with screw 11 kW 1.5 m3 / h 8 bar + 2 bottles x250 L
– 4 complete vertical cutting lines (GATER) with necessary equipment for woodworking.
– GIAS 1.5 – DL steam boiler, 1500 KG / H – 4 (6) bar
– Steam chamber 120 cbm
– Anticipatory pool
– 3 drying chambers with a capacity of 750 m3 / month
– Scale for 50 tons

Firm annual contract with the maximum production quantity.

Possible income for a single exchange 3,500 m3 x 200 euro / m3 => 700,000 euro / month x 10 months => 7,000,000 euro / year.

Proposed price: 2.5 million euros.

More details at 004 0758.839.883

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Oferim spre vanzare o fabrica de cherestea functionala Romania cu contract ferm de cumparare a tot ce produce fabrica.
 – Suprafata totala peste 90.000 mp
 – Capacitate de taiere aproximativ 3.500 mc fag pe 1 schimb pe luna
 – Suprafata cladiri – 8.000 mp
 – Suprafete betoane – 24.000 mp
 – Suprafete soproane –4.800 mp
 – Linie de tăiere verticală completă Primultini (Italia) 1.400 + cărucior port busten. – Linia de tăiere refindino Primultini (Italia) 1.000.
 – Sistem de exhaustare.
 – Masina de ascutit AQC PRIMULTINI
 – Compresor cu surub 11 kW 1.5 mc/h 8 bar + 2 butelii x250 L
 – 4 Linii de tăiere verticală completă (GATER) cu echipamente necesare pentru prelucrarea lemnului.
 – Cazan de abur GIAS 1,5 – DL, 1500 KG / H – 4 (6) bar
 – Camera de aburire 120 cbm
 – Bazin anticipic
 – 3 camere de uscare cu o capacitate de 750 mc / lună
 – Cantar pentru 50 de tone
Contract ferm anual cu cantitatea maxima de productie. 
Venituri posibile pentru un singur schimb 3.500 mc x 200 euro/mc => 700.000 euro / luna x 10 luni  => 7.000.000 euro  / an.
Pretul propus: 2,5 mil euro.
Mai multe detalii la 0756.313.842
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We can make video production with graphic or cartoon network us you wish.

Few examples:

or characters

Little Dog - 3D Character 3d character modeling 3d character 3d character design 3d octane render cinema 4d animation 3d model 3d animation 3d modeling

Boy Character Design 3d 3d character modeling 3d character design 3d character octane render cinema 4d animation 3d model 3d animation 3d modeling


Indicative price for a simple variant as in the example above is 1,000 euro / minute and 1,000 euro / character => 2,000 euro (one minute with a character)

More info on Facebook or phone 004 0758.839.883

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Since 2009,  AS CREDIT RECOVER CONSULTING company, has been operating in Romania as a debt collection company which sets it’s main areas of activity on national and international debt collection for companies and individuals alike by ensuring the best competitive and professional services.

Our first-hand professional team offer complete services best suited for our clients in terms of legal advice, sueing and compulsory execution as well as business consultancy, real estate solutions and market analysis.

Another key business segment is contingency debt collection where revenues are commission-based, which is well balanced, depending on the main debt-value, due-date and other variable factors such as litigation cases and unexpected constituents.

Debt collection

This service represents a thorough debt package externalisation which has reached their due or it is by 30 days overdue. Our notification procedure is meant to contain an amicable feature in order to mantain good contract conviviality between our clients and their debtors..

Debt recovery

This key legal segment imply a significant complexity degree by which we can personalize our endeavour depending on the particularity of every case and also taking into account your client’s solvency and feedback as well. For this service we inquire overdue debts which have a deadline between 31 days and 3 years which represents the legal prescription period as well as 1 and/or 2 years  for particular individuals such as accountants, architects, lawyers etc.

Compulsory execution

We are currently working with country-wide bailiffs in order to start the court sentences enforcement procedures or other enforceables titles which have not been resolved in a friendly manner. The compulsory execution is succesfully achieved by blocking our debtors current bank accounts and/or shifting or fixed comodities. Due to our responsability towards our client’s interests, we are constantly striving for a fructuous cooperation in accordance with our best principles and values.

Debt management

This service assembles our debt collection expertise and is materialised by a series of legal assistance which take into account the best low risk lending.

Court representation

We are currently offering this service for records that are not solved in a friendly manner and require  an enforceable title in order to start the legal enforcement procedure. In this regard   we collaborate with the best attorneys at law which provide consultancy for due diligence as well as for a country-wide  courts in all their stages from Law Courts to the High Court of Justice.

Quantifiable risk reports

Our reports reflect the legal status of your potential clients and is based on a creditworthiness criteria which may reveal the financial status as well as the solvency of their companies. This requires a thorough search and analysis, brought together with a systematic interpretation of the main economical factors such as: turnover, comodities, indebtedness, banking incidents and court cases.

Lend-lease shifting goods recovery

Specialized companies and bailiffs provide legal services for  AS CREDIT RECOVER CONSULTING company regarding shifting goods tracking, uptaking and storeing which may form the object of the lend-lease and / or mortgage contracts.

For further details, as well as solvency checking and fair proposal, you can sent your debt status report via phone at 004 0758.839.883  and we will sent you back, as quickly as possible, our promptly answer.


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Incepand cu anul 2017 am dezvoltat toata infrastructura necesara la nivel national.  Avem acoperirea nationala in ceea ce priveste reprezentarea in instanta (avocati in house si colaboratori) cat si colaborare cu executori judecatoresti din cadrul tuturor Curtilor de Apel pe teritoriul Romaniei, avem expertiza si echipa necesara pentru a asigura recuperarea creantelor, atat in faza de recuperare amiabila, cat si instanta / executare silita.

Anul acesta AM IMPLINIT 11 ani timp in care am acumulat experienta, avem deja format un flux de lucru,  iar dosarele se rezolva cu celeritate.

 Activitatile principale de recuperare debite ale AS CREDIT RECOVER CONSULTING sunt urmatoarele:

∙ colectari datorii rezultate in urma imprumuturilor bancare;

∙ recuperari bunuri in urma contractelor de leasing;

∙ colectare creante pentru companii de asigurari /companii de leasing;

∙ colectare a datoriilor atat individuale cat si in pachet pentru companii mari si mici in diferite domenii de activitate;

∙ recuperari individuale;

∙ cedare si recuperare ulterioara pentru banci si institutii financiare non-bancare;

∙ recuperari datorii pentru companii distribuitoare de utilitati;

∙ recuperari legale prin intermediul avocatilor si a titlurilor executorii.

 AS CREDIT RECOVER CONSULTING face tot posibilul pentru a realiza colectarea pe cale amiabila. Colectarea in instanta se face doar ca o ultima masura, cu scopul de a proteja interesele dumneavoastră. Consultantii nostri lucrează numai în interesul dumneavoastră. Obiectivul nostru principal este de a rezolva problemele financiare!

Noi punem accent pe intalnirea in persoana a debitorilor prin departamentul FIELD COLLECTION -pentru a asigura obtinerea rezultatelor cele mai bune. Angajatii nostrii depun eforturi pentru a mentine o relatie buna atat in legaturile cu clientii cat si cu debitorii acestora.

Va rugam sa vizualizati si prezentarea noastra accesand linkul RECUPERARE .

Pentru a va putea formula o oferta personalizata, va rugam sa ne transmiteti un scurt istoric al creantelor pe care le aveti de recuperat si daca este posibil / daca este cazul,  sa completati tabelul din atasament.

             O oferta personalizata va fi transmisa catre dvs dupa o analiza amanuntita a documentelor justificative ale creantei si a solvabilitatii debitorilor .

 Va multumim pentru atentia acordata si asteptam cu interes un raspuns din partea dumneavoastra !

Mai multe detalii la telefon 0758.839.883

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