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Since 2009,  AS CREDIT RECOVER CONSULTING company, has been operating in Romania as a debt collection company which sets it’s main areas of activity on national and international debt collection for companies and individuals alike by ensuring the best competitive and professional services.

Our first-hand professional team offer complete services best suited for our clients in terms of legal advice, sueing and compulsory execution as well as business consultancy, real estate solutions and market analysis.

Another key business segment is contingency debt collection where revenues are commission-based, which is well balanced, depending on the main debt-value, due-date and other variable factors such as litigation cases and unexpected constituents.

Debt collection

This service represents a thorough debt package externalisation which has reached their due or it is by 30 days overdue. Our notification procedure is meant to contain an amicable feature in order to mantain good contract conviviality between our clients and their debtors..

Debt recovery

This key legal segment imply a significant complexity degree by which we can personalize our endeavour depending on the particularity of every case and also taking into account your client’s solvency and feedback as well. For this service we inquire overdue debts which have a deadline between 31 days and 3 years which represents the legal prescription period as well as 1 and/or 2 years  for particular individuals such as accountants, architects, lawyers etc.

Compulsory execution

We are currently working with country-wide bailiffs in order to start the court sentences enforcement procedures or other enforceables titles which have not been resolved in a friendly manner. The compulsory execution is succesfully achieved by blocking our debtors current bank accounts and/or shifting or fixed comodities. Due to our responsability towards our client’s interests, we are constantly striving for a fructuous cooperation in accordance with our best principles and values.

Debt management

This service assembles our debt collection expertise and is materialised by a series of legal assistance which take into account the best low risk lending.

Court representation

We are currently offering this service for records that are not solved in a friendly manner and require  an enforceable title in order to start the legal enforcement procedure. In this regard   we collaborate with the best attorneys at law which provide consultancy for due diligence as well as for a country-wide  courts in all their stages from Law Courts to the High Court of Justice.

Quantifiable risk reports

Our reports reflect the legal status of your potential clients and is based on a creditworthiness criteria which may reveal the financial status as well as the solvency of their companies. This requires a thorough search and analysis, brought together with a systematic interpretation of the main economical factors such as: turnover, comodities, indebtedness, banking incidents and court cases.

Lend-lease shifting goods recovery

Specialized companies and bailiffs provide legal services for  AS CREDIT RECOVER CONSULTING company regarding shifting goods tracking, uptaking and storeing which may form the object of the lend-lease and / or mortgage contracts.

For further details, as well as solvency checking and fair proposal, you can sent your debt status report via phone at 004 0758.839.883  and we will sent you back, as quickly as possible, our promptly answer.


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