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Iraq’s National Investment Commission (NIC) has released a 3,100-donum (775 hectare) site for development.

The Al-Bathaa land starts north of the Euphrates river and ends south of the old Ur railway line; to the west the land is adjacent to the Bathaa district while close to the center of Thi Qar Province on the east.

The Nasiriyah – Bathaa electricity line and pure water line goes transversally through the land which is also divided by Baghdad – Basra high way.

To the east of the land there is a fuel station, rest house and a restaurant.

There is an irrigation pump of 145 horse-power capacity.

The southern side of the land is 8-10 Km from the Ziggurat of Ur (pictured).

Possible uses include:

  • Tourism
  • Housing
  • Agricultural
  • Industrial
  • Services projects (Hospitals, Universities …. etc)

(Source: NIC)

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