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Romanian students have won three awards at NASA Ames Space Settlement competition. The students of Andrei Saguna national college from Brasov have won all first prizes for their projects that consist of human settlements in space.

12 teams participated from the same high school and 10 of them won different awards. Overall 4,000 projects from across the world have been submitted and 1,500 were rejected.

Students had to create small artificial planets where people can live. They also had to find real solutions for sustain life and for helping humans live together and organize socially.


Overall the students have won three gold medals, two silver medals, two bronze medals and four mentions. This is a big achievement, as Romania has never won so many prizes. Usually, students from India are the ones who pick up most prizes.

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The first project that won the gold medal was created by students Ioana Popa, Andrei Bardas and Ana-Maria Bardas. They have created a community that manages to live together in peace and harmony. In this special spaceship that was built by students, people go to the gym and recreation centers at least four hours a day.

Awarded students will participate at the NASA international conference in Saint Louis, USA in May where they will be awarded the prizes.

Sources: pozitivenewsromania

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