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A dairy producer from Covasna County will roll out this year a whey-based energy drink that is especially recommended to athletes and highly active people.

Photo credit: (c) Cristian NISTOR / AGERPRES ARCHIVE

Company manager Zoltan Bako told AGERPRES that this is a one hundred percent natural product obtained in co-work with the ICECHIM National Research Institute in Bucharest.

“Whey has a highly valuable nutritional composition. When they speak about whey people generally think of a milk sub-product commonly used in animal husbandry, in livestock breeding. (…) We thought of using this product for human consumption, and thus developed a cooperation with the ICECHIM National Research Institute of Bucharest. It is a natural, refreshing drink for anyone, but we thought of athletes in the first place, because it contains a lot of minerals. (…) Such drinks are already on sale in foreign countries like Switzerland and Sweden, we target the domestic market. We still need to invest in equipment, to be able to produce on an industrial scale, and we hope to roll out the product this year,” said manager of Meotis company, Zoltan Bako.

Doctors confirm that whey contains certain proteins which, once they reach into the body, destroy tumors, enhance immunity, lower cholesterol, combat stress and have an overall invigorating effect.

”One of its benefits is that it is low in calories, it boosts immunity and is also recommended for persons suffering from diabetes, who must observe a specific diet. Of course, patients suffering from certain diseases who want to follow a whey therapy must first consult with the physicians,” said doctor Ildiko Halmagyi, a specialist in diabetes, nutrition and metabolic diseases from the city of Sfantu Gheorghe.

Whey contains vitamin B, calcium, iodine and potassium, which are all substances that render the skin smooth and the hair shining, therefore it is also recommended for cosmetic treatments, as well as in weight loss diets.

The elders too say that whey helps combat many diseases, including gout, cancer tumors, diseases of the bones, lungs, liver and heart. It’s also very good for people suffering from anemia, who must drink a glass of 300 milliliters a day.

“They say that goat milk and whey can heal 17 diseases. (…) Townspeople came here, asking me to give them whey to drink and they followed this therapy for a year long. That’s what they say, that sheep and goat whey is very good,” says Veta Hosu, a village woman from Ciumernic — Covasna County, who has farmed sheep and goats for decades.

To obtain a quart of whey one needs a liter of raw milk, a large jar, a colander, a bowl and a clean cheese cloth. Put the milk in the jar and leave it in the kitchen for a day, a day and a half, then warm it slightly until it curdles, then strain it, let it drain overnight, after which the drink is ready to consume. AGERPRES

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