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Question Words
Who?: Keya?

What?: Chee?

When?: Kay?

Where?: La kwya?

Why? Bo?

How? Chon?

What happened? Chee boo?

How much? Chanda?

I: Min

You: Tu

He/She: Aw (pronounced “oh”)

We: Ema

You: Ewa

They: Awan

Please: tkaaya (tkaiya)

Thank you: Supas

Thank you very much: Zor supas

You’re welcome: Sar chow (literal translation – with my eyes)

Ok: Ba’sha

Excuse me / I’m sorry: Biboora

Yes: aa (informal); Balé (formal)

No: na (nah – barely “h” sound at end – very short sound)

Ok, no problem: Ba’sha, mushkila’neeya

No problem: Kaysheneeya

I’m American: Min Amerikima

Need: pewista

I need to go to: Min pewista birom bo…

Apartment: Shoqa (heavy emphasis on ‘q’)

Shop: Dokan or bazaar

I’m learning Kurdish: Min fera kurdi booma

I can’t think anymore: Min natwanam bir’bekamawa

I don’t speak Kurdish: Min kurdee nazanim

I don’t understand: Te nagam

I’m tired: Min mandooma

I’m hungry: Min birseema

Congratulations: Pirozbet

Because: Chonka

Good morning: Bayanee bash

Good afternoon: Rozh bash

Good night: Show bash

Goodbye: Khwaa hafeez (kh – as in Russian “x”)

How are you? Chonee?

I’m fine thanks, and you? Min bashim, supas, ay toh?

My name is Michael: Nawim Michael

What is your name? Naawit cheeya?

See you tomorrow: Bayani dat beenim

Good to see you: Zor pekhoshal boom (useful also after meeting someone for the first

Is it far? Doora?

Turn right: Bisoré bo rast

Turn left: Bisoré bo chap

A little further: Heshta

Time frames
Yesterday: Dowéné

Today: Amro

Tomorrow: Subayneh

Week: Hafta

Month: Mang

Year: Sal

Days of the Week
Sunday: Yak Shamah

Monday: Du Shamah

Tuesday: Se Shamah

Wednesday: Chwar Shamah

Thursday: Penj Shamah

Friday: Jomah

Saturday: Shameh

Months of the Year
January: Mangi Yak

February: Mangi Du

March: Mangi Se

April: Mangi Chwar

May: Mangi Penj

June: Mangi Shesh

July: Mangi Haft

August: Mangi Hasht

September: Mangi Noh (Naw)

October: Mangi Dah

November: Mangi Yazda

December: Mangi Duazda


One: Yek

Two: Du

Three: Seh

Four: Chwar

Five: Penj

Six: Shesh

Seven: Haft

Eight: Hasht

Nine: Naw

Ten: Dah

Eleven: Yazda

Twelve: Duazda

One hundred: Saat

One thousand: Hezar

Two thousand: Du hezar

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