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RW [Rotondo Weirich], through its division in United Arab Emirates, RW Middle East, has built the first modular precast concrete villa, located in Samawah City, Al Muthanna Governorate, Southern Iraq.

This 2,500 ft2 villa demonstrates the technology and benefits of fast track precast modular concrete construction versus other methods of residential building in the gulf region, such as precast panels or traditional masonry construction.

“Imagine assembling a secure, sustainable, villa in just one day, allowing for thousands to be built in half the time of traditional masonry construction. That’s exactly what we have done,” says Ahmed Halet of RW Middle East.

RW shipped their formwork from the US to Southern Iraq, and specialized supervisors temporarily moved to Samawah City to manage and train local Iraqi workers in modular precast construction. All materials and equipment used to build the villa were procured locally and the local workers gained knowledge and training which can now be transferred to their next jobs.

Developers are finding RW’s precast modular construction to be an ideal fit for building in the Middle East. By producing the modules onsite, the time and risk usually present when transporting modules from a factory to the site is removed. Once pulled from the mold, the pieces are erected into place and finishing begins. Schedules are drastically reduced, there is minimal waste, significant cost savings, and the result is a sustainable, durable, and secure product.

“Precast modular construction is the right fit for new large scale housing due to the fast paced construction, strength, and durability of the materials and technology used,” said Steve Weirich, President and CEO of RW. “Once a project has been slated for construction, one 4-bedroom villa can be produced per day per set of formwork.

The model villa is complete with interior finishes, electrical, and plumbing, and it is open for demonstration and viewing purposes. RW’s vision is to produce thousands of the modular precast villas to provide high quality, affordable housing for citizens of Southern Iraq. The team intends to expand construction activities to other areas and countries in the Middle East.

(Source: Rotondo Weirich)

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