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I am looking for a company specialized in Inspection of Oil wells equipment for petroleum industry for Kazahstan .

Please advise specifically what you wish.

I am an Independent Audit / Inspection / Surveyor.

I am able to advise and make you aware of what you have, and what you require to be in compliance with ALL International, Country, company specifications.

I DO NOT CERTIFY anything, except the witnessing of inspection, function and pressure testing of equipment in ALL departments of any rig.
Well Control (Land and Subsea equipment) , Mechanical, Drilling, Marine, Electrical, Safety equipment are included but not necessarily only these departments.

I am your 3rd pair of eyes. I am able to make you aware of what you have, and advise if it is ‘Fit for Purpose’.

There are numerous companies available.

If you wish I can advise for your particular need.

Please acknowledge this communication,

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