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1- River navigation channels
2- River wharfs
3- Maritime navigation channels
4- Ports and wharfs

Transfer Equipments
1- Procurement of ports handling equipments

General Services:
1- Supplying, installing and operating 4 water desalination units for the State Co. for ports
2- Studying and implementing marine pollution project
3- Procurement of maritime units
4- Improving electricity power supply for ports
5- Procurement of 2 vessels for the State Co. for maritime transportation
6- Procurement of costal ships and clean water tankers for the State Co. for maritime transportation
7- Management and support for the Japanese loan projects
8- Cathodic protection for ports wharfs
9- Management and support for Grand Faw consultancy contract
10- Supplying and installing costal radio communications station (GRS)
11- Building 10 miscellaneous ships
Studies and Consultations
Auditing for implemented and withdrawn projects

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