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1- Procurement of 2 meteorology radar systems in A’ana and Baghdad

International Airport
Studies and Consultancies:
1- Preparing designs and studies for State Co. for Iraqi Airways projects

General Services:
1- Replacement of 18 air bridges at Baghdad International Airport
2- Replacement of fire alarm and self extinguishing systems
3- Runway illumination at Baghdad International Airport
4- Rehabilitation of Basra International Airport
5- Rehabilitation of Mosul International Airport
6- Rehabilitation of Civil Aviation Institution
7- Rehabilitation of Aircrafts parking spaces at Baghdad International Airport
8- Management and support for Karbala International Airport’s consultancy contract
9- Radio coverage
10- Rehabilitation of 3 generators at Baghdad International Airport
11- Rehabilitation of Baghdad International Airport
12- Establishing Air training and development centre
13- Transferring current air cargo department into Cargo Village
Auditing for implemented and withdrawn projects

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