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Construction of Rail lines and facilities for:
1- Samawa – Nasiriya – Gubaishiya line
2- Yosofiya – Hilla – Samawa line
3- Baiji – Hamam Al-Aleel line
4- Gubaishiya – Basra – Um Qasir line
5- Baghdad – Baiji line
6- Hamam Al-Aleel – Mosul – Saboniya – Rabia’a line
7- Musayib – Karbala line
8- Baghdad Circular line
9- Construction of railways bridge on the Euphrates river near Samawa

Mobile Units:
1- Refurbishment and modernization of 4000 miscellaneous carriages
2- Carriages reconstruction
3- Passengers carriages reconstruction

General Services:
1- Procurement of specialized rail machinery (Details to be discussed with companies)
2- Procurement of transportation communications network
3- Concrete Slabs Manufacturing Unit for Railways
4- Construction of concrete beams plant in Samawa complete with operational parts
5- Acquisition of land
6- Rehabilitation and modernization of Baghdad central station trains shelter, technical station and other station workshops and facilities
7- Rehabilitation and modernization of Shaljiya plants and central warehouses
8- Reconstruction of Baghdad – Basra and Baghdad – Mosul train lines
9- Construction of an engineering consultancy office
10- Construction of pre-cast concrete blocks plant
Feasibility Studies and Consultancies:
1- Conducting connecting Iraq with neighboring countries (feasibility study)
2- Conducting Baghdad – Baquba – Kirkuk – Erbil – Mosul rail line consultancy
3- Conducting Mosul – Dohuk – Zakho rail line consultancy
4- Conducting Basra – Faw rail line consultancy
5- Preparing studies and designs for Kirkuk – Sulaimaniya and Hamam Al-Aleel– Saboniya rail lines
6- Conducting Karbala – Ramadi rail line consultancy study

Express Transportation (Metro)

Rail Intersections:
1- Construction of 70 bridged intersections for railways
Auditing for implemented and withdrawn projects

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