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    • To include ensuring the client is abiding by current Romanian Legislation, European Legislation, United Kingdom Bribery Act and other pertinent legislation and United States legislation on the Patriots Act and Foreign Corrupt Practises Act ensuring there is no reputational risk and criminal liability.
    • To include any internal investigations as the client requests relating to Bribery & Corruption, Money Laundering, Fraud, theft and other criminal investigations.
    • Where a client is considering purchasing a company, to conduct an investigation into the company to ascertain any risk factors.

• To conduct Criminal Investigations where the client believes an employee or a person connected to the business is suspected of committing a criminal act such as bribery and corruption and to prepare a full report on the
• Asset identification and Background checks.
• Money Laundering, Fraud and other Financial Investigations.
• Divorce Investigations linked to queried assets for the Financial section of the divorce.
• To assist Law Enforcement, Barristers and Lawyers with defence and prosecution investigations.

• To conduct Criminal & Terrorism Crime Training for clients.
• To prepare the Criminal & Terrorism Crime Training Package.
• To conduct Fraud Training for clients.
• To prepare the Fraud Training Package.
• To conduct training on Asset Confiscation and Enforcement for clients.
• To prepare the Asset Confiscation and Enforcement Training Package.
• To conduct Customer and Enhanced Due Diligence Training for clients.
• To prepare the Customer and Enhanced Due Diligence Training Package.
• To conduct other areas of training relating to the client’s needs.

• To educate the client on the legal necessity of implementing the EU Whistleblowing Directive.
• To explain the legal implicationsof the Whistleblowing legislation.
• To explain how Whistleblowing works.
• How to implement the Whistleblowing Policy.
• Romanian law 571/2004 refers.
• EU law 2019/1937 refers.
• To be fully implemented in Romanian law by 17th December 2021.
• To give real life examples where whistleblowing has worked.


• To train a clients business in the area of Behavioural Economics.
• To change the mindset of the client’s employees mindset to improve productivity for the client.
• So the client can be aware of any potential rivals movements so they can adjust their strategy to improve sales and productivity in the correct direction.

• To advertise and sell certain products to assist a client within small, medium and large businesses.
• Example 1 Mirware.
• Example 2 Omniscopy.
• Example 3 Customer and Enhanced Due Diligence computer system securing many systems into one.

• To address the client’s pain points so the clients needs can be satisfied in a professional and timely manner.
• To provide a full report for the client on the conclusion of any contract – where necessary, identifying areas to plug the gap.
• To design a suitable training package suitable for each client.
• To conduct the training at the clients firm or online due to the current COVID19 crisis.

• THE MISSION : To improve communication skills – to improve a clients employees personal and professional relationships and to improve their knowledge and awareness on the agreed training topics.
• THE PASSION: To transform everyone into an excellent communicator and to expand their knowledge.
• THE AIM: To ensure the clients business does not breach legislation.

Our Team has an extensive professional background having served with the Metropolitan Police – New Scotland Yard as a Detective and Financial Investigator in the Homicide Command and the Organised Crime Unit and for Financial Investigations – in the Asset Confiscation& Enforcement Team seizing assets from criminals upon conviction.
• The teacher moved to Bucharest in 2019 and worked as a manager in the Deloitte Financial Advisory / Investigations Dept.
• The teacher is also a trainer for Financial Crime workshops on Criminal & Terrorism Financing, Fraud and Dirty Money.
• The teacher has written two papers on Anti Money Laundering and the links to Art Crime.
• The teacher is on the Advisory board for a UK study into the London Property Market and its links to Dirty Money.


Training – Euros 650 per day.
Investigations – Euros 100 per hour.

More info, request presentation or offers : 0758.839.883

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