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Food stocks in the governorate of Sulaimaniya are now less than two weeks according to  Sirwan Mohammed, the head of Sulaimaniya Chamber of Commerce.

He told AKnews that since last year his office has been demanding the government allocate land plots to the Chamber so that it can construct new storage units.

He added that last year the Chamber took over 132 stores but “they are not enough even for three businessmen.”

More than 1,500 businessmen have demanded the Chamber provide them with plots of land to build food stores.

Mohammed said since 1991 both the number of Kurdish businessmen and their capital has increased.

“Those businessmen who could only trade one container now can trade 100 containers,” he said.

Khasraw Kamal, Sulaimaniya mayor, told AKnews: “This case is not related to us at all. They can follow up the issue with the Ministry of Trade. Our work is to provide land for the industrial sector not commercial.”

(Source: AKnews)

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