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Taking into consideration the fact that we are an ONE STOP SHOP company and we have over 60 specialists with a wide range of knowhow, we can offer you all the support you need for individual requests which are coming to your country from possible companies or investors who are interested about Romania. Starting from information about Romania and continuing with studies, reports or analyses about a specific domain, you can have it all from us.

 We can offer consultancy and support for an investment from zero, with any kind of services they need in Romania, until the second operational year, after finishing the investment. Our main activity is to obtain grants for companies and in the last 8 years we have obtained over 300 million euro as grants for our clients. Taking into consideration our history and our experience,

 Why to invest in Romania?

  • member of the European Union and NATO, second largest market in the CEE region
  • country recommended for investments
  • among the best grant opportunities in Europe
  • highly skilled workforce at competitive prices
  • minimum gross salary actually being 275 EURO/month
  • income tax 16% + 5% on dividends
  • VAT 20%
  • foreign citizens and legal entities are allowed to acquire land in Romania
  • strategically positioned for global trade

Please ask for complete presentation proposal and also about opportunities and advantages to invest in Romania.

More info on phone 004 0758839883

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