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The National Investment Commission is pleased to announce the investment opportunity to construct a complete residential complex for the employees of the Shiite Endowments Directorate in Baghdad – Karrada district within a total area of (60) acres in accordance with the Investment law No. 13 of 2006 as amended and according to the requirements set below:

1- The project includes the establishment of a residential complex of vertical eight-storey buildings each

2- Number of units to be implemented is (2400) housing units with areas of (125 m ², 175 m ², 225 m ²)

3- Constructing schools for the three phases with nurseries – medical centre – a shopping and marketing center – a cultural center – services (water, sewage, power stations and generators).

4- a playground, passengers roads, parking spaces and green areas in accordance with the in forced relevant standards of the Municipality of Baghdad and the Ministry of Housing and Construction.

5- The system of funding for this project will be supported through a bank that should be accredited by the Central Bank of Iraq to be a mediator between the beneficiary and the investor while the cost of each apartment and the payment mechanism is to be negotiated with the investing company and the mediator bank.

Investors who wish to apply for this investment opportunity can provide their technical, economic and financing plans and fill in the investment application form available on the website of the National Investment Commission and attach requirements described on page (7) of the same form.
Note: You can apply for this investment opportunity within one month from the date of publication of this announcement.

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