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In the book “the appliance of Uriel”, two British researchers have pieced “Heavenly computer” from the book of Enoh and solar calendar were obtained from History.

1 sarmisegetuza 2 copy 300x199 Aparatul lui Uriel in Dacia

“The appliance of Uriel” Sarmisegetusa was more mobile, with wooden elements

Christopher Knight and Robert Lomas followed exactly the instructions “are being told when cerestri’s book” the antediluvian patriarch Enoh.

“Book of the heavenly are being told when” his teachings on Enoh including Angels we have left some people, elected by them, in order to measure the “routes are being told when and the relations between them, According to their classes, and the season (…) and their laws “.

A “way in but” the …

2 aparatul lui uriel copy 201x300 Aparatul lui Uriel in Dacia

“Uriel’s Machine”, by Christopher Knight and Robert Lomas, sactuarele reconstructs circular astrological and astronomical role

It’s about an astronomical calculation, a calendar (“but the path”), whose elements were “poles, portals and Windows “, arranged in concentric circles, with a “Horseshoe” in 21 the pillars in the Centre-the place of observation. It is studied with the help of the Sun and Moon moves, eclipses of the Sun and the Moon, Lunar node positions, the change in the Solstice and echinoctiu ….. According to “the book of Enoh”, the Angel Uriel Patriarch gave the secret of building this device, whose elements differed from area to area, Depending on the latitude at which the measurements were made. The “device of Uriel” depended on agriculture, so sedentary life and developing societies. Who were these “messengers of God”?

… the date of God’s messengers

3 reconstituire lomas copy 300x255 Aparatul lui Uriel in Dacia

Knight and Lomas followed indications from Enoh’s book and it came out the timing of Sarmisegetusa

The mysterious “book of Enoh” was never included in the religious teachings for people, on the grounds that she could not have understood the human mind. In it are described the facts “Angels”, or “messengers of God”, some very special beings, very high, who have violated many divine commandments, and even have taken soate pamantence, the deed for which have not been forgiven, especially when their children were born Giants. This is also the only remaining reference to them in the books of the Old Testament. “There were Giants in the Earth in those days, After you have impreunat the sons of God with the daughters of men, and they were born they children; they were uriasii that were in the old “. From the “Dictionary of General mythology” of V. Kernbach, We learn that Enoh was a Patriarch who lived before the flood. He was liking the “messengers of God”, they took with them 200 of years, during which time they have learned all the secrets of the Earth and the sky, that put him to write them, to let the inheritance of humanity.

Consultant with pamantencele messengers

4 avebury copy 300x225 Aparatul lui Uriel in Dacia

Stone circles at Avebury are older than those at Stonehenge

Enoh left written testimony as messengers of God on Earth were 200 and they had 18 bosses, and he drove everyone’s used to be called Samiza. We quote a few paragraphs from the translation of Kernbach :

‘ (1). When people have multiplied in those days, they started as their daughters to be born beautiful and graceful;

2. And when the angels, children of heaven, they have seen, They told some others: Let us choose between the women and men to have children with each other;

3. Then Samiza, their boss, told them: I am afraid much as you will not reach your goal;

4. And if you do so, I’m afraid that I will support your crime punishment alone;

5. But they vowed that he will give up;

6. And they swore to each other with mutual curses (…)

10. And they chose each cite a woman and came and lived with them and they have learned magic, all incantarile and roots of trees and properties;

11. And these women remained heavy and mosquitoes are born “.

Further, It tells how the messengers of God had taught their sons all the mysteries of heaven and Earth, “and this was in heaven and they have spotted its reputation”, bringing upon themselves and divine mania progeniturilor.

Teaching for people

It can be assumed that Enoch was the son of a “Messenger”, This would explain why it has enjoyed sympathy and especially why it was so long-lived. “The messengers” took him on trips for 200 of years, some space, so far, that “Earth is no no longer see a darkness reigned fully” (“Book of Enoch”, After V. Kernbach ). They took him in a distant land, where Uriel and others have tried to make him understand how to build the “computer” astronomical, researched in detail of the British Knight and Lomas. Then, they put it in writing- 366 of manuscripts, one year-all that aratasera and invatasera, then left him a year among his, to give instruction in reading work, then they took it with them.

The secret place where she was trained as Enoch

Enoch was carried away by the angels into a secret place, where the Angel Uriel i showed a “camera” with which they could measure “are being told when their routes laws”, as well as “what happens in all the years of the world until it is over the new creation”. Restoring your device of Uriel, “book of Enoch”, Knight and Lomas and realized as it corresponds to megalitilor of Stonehenge and concluded that there, in Salisbury Plain, the observer they were re-organizing their angels and there had been led Enoch. As an antediluvian patriarch Enoch, times Stonehenge is older than historians say (3.000 – 1.600 i. C), or not there was! But the two Britons may lose sight of a location element from the story of the Patriarch: “West, they pick up a Mountain large and stately, Sherry “! What is not at Stonehenge! More interesting than the location of the initiation is the “computer” pieced them and included in their book “the appliance of Uriel”. It looks exactly like … the sanctuary of Sarmisegetuza, to be more precise,”solar calendar”, with his orientation observation direction N-S and E-w and the calculation of the year close! Paul Lacey Kunwar, in “the impact of Rome over the Dacians”, He wrote that “the Dacians knew and used a solar calendar that is considered the most accurate of antiquity. Dacic had year 365,242197 days, girl 365,242198 reached by modern astronomy. History of the Dacian calendar allowed a year counting days using poles willing in the shape of a circle, as they walked out of his Knight and Lomas. But, the megalithic complex of Stonehenge have an error “the device of Uriel”: comes with year 366 days! So, the model had to be sought from other latitude! Unlike “year megalithic, dacic was amazing year of precisely, rather, it will look to be inspired by “the appliance of Uriel”.

Astronomical and astrological knowledge of Dacians

5 gobekli tepe artist rendition copy 300x246 Aparatul lui Uriel in Dacia

Sanctuary of Gobekli Tepe, Turkey, It is the oldest solar sanctuary, with 7000 years older than Stonehenge

Jordanes, that i knew the Gauls through sec.VI CE, record as: “during the great priest Deceneu, the Dacians knew theory 12 zodiac signs, How do I grow and lowers the orbit of the Moon, the Golden Globe of the Sun surpasses the earthly globe, under what name and under what the signs 346 Star pass from sunrise to sunset, eclipses, rotation of the sky, predetermined rules of heavenly bodies moving … “. I Mean, exactly why do you and Angel had taught Enoch Uriel. Nicolae Popa, a comparative analysis on the author of the History and of Stonehenge, He noted that both avenues are shrines are similar. The centerline of the hearth fire that sectioneaza divides the outer circle into two equal halves from the point of view of the positions of masts.: twice 34 of positions. Horseshoes, at Stonehenge, and History,presents a number of identical positions: 21. The arrangement of groups of positions lespezilor River which sustain the pillars is identical. Nicolae Popa believes that both monuments belong to the same cultural and religious tradition of some Neolithic populations and have served both to measure time, and a ritualistic destination. Construction of Sarmisegetuza would prove in addition, front of the Stonehenge, a high degree of perfection in terms of accuracy of time calculation. The “Heavenly computer” on which the Angel Uriel showed him of Enoch is found in all the sanctuaries of Dacians. Maybe in the mountains of Dacia was held initiating the antediluvian patriarch. In addition, the sanctuaries are attributed by historians of the Getae and masagetilor. By foreign scholars, as local and not award anything, than, can, “cheese”, “the Lamb”, “ied” … Circular sanctuaries abound in Romania, Adamclisi, Sara, The Citadel, Racos- 3sanctuaries, and, the last discovered ( in April 2005), from Holland Park, Black Church Hill.Indeed, good place! This sanctuary is much larger and, It seems, more complex than that of History.

Good place, the parallel 45!

“The apparatus of the Angels” in the territory of Great Britain and Northern Ireland were periods in stone, as they remain standing for posterity. Of the Dacians were more “flexible”, with wooden poles for the variable elements of the “computer” and those of andesite fixed. It can be concluded that the Dacians very well mastered priests technique in the construction of these devices “with circular pillars, portals and Windows “. I helped calculations and “good” that they chose, close to the parallel 45, and at the 45 degrees, any formula for calculating astronomical simplify because the tangent and cotangent of latitude equals 1 and replace, and the sine and cosine are radical 2 on 2 and, as, replace. In other words, not scranteau minds in calculations!That’s why the “path” was so accurate, while others, having the same astronomical model, failed to reach the precision “Dacian year”.

Astrological predictions

6 stonehenge copy 300x217 Aparatul lui Uriel in Dacia

Sanctuary of Stonehenge has the same constituents as the History, only it’s more massive

As astronomers have observed the British tied to complex of Stonehenge, both the large Sanctuary History, and the other found so far, not only have the exact orientation North-South and East-West, but I am so aligned, order of the rising sun’s rays that pass through from an il end to the other in just one day per year, on 22 December, When the Sun is declinatia maxima and start Winter charge. At that time, the entire globe where performance is the Sun and Moon cults, ceremonies were taking place of fire, as the Sun not to “freeze” or go away. On this occasion were made and general forecasts. It has been found at Dacian sanctuaries the positioning of “Monthly nodes”, points that have great meaning for astrologers. Their inclusion in the “appliances” of Uriel was justified by the fact that the “theirs” i have taught their sons how to predict “what happens in all the years”, in zodiac. All astrologers that respects tin cont de “Monthly nodes”, because the South Node shows the baggage with which we are born, While the North node is in the way that a man has to go. From the perspective of geocentrica, The monthly result nodes directly from Sun and Moon moves around the Earth, that influence the size of the spiritual life. The Sun symbolizes the spirit of,masculinity, action. The Moon is an exponent of the soul, femininity, receptivitatii.

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