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The Iraqi State Oil Marketing Organization has launched a tender to buy 3,400 tons of gasoil per day for 12 months to power electricity generators.

In July 2011, Iraq signed a one-year deal with Iran to receive approximately 1,300 tons per day of gasoil to help power the growing needs of a country already short on fuel.

Over the past eight years, the finance ministry has tried to alleviate the problem with $27bn of disbursements. Power supply has roughly doubled since 2006 from 4,000 MW to between 7,000 MW and 8,000 MW, but demand has also grown due to Iraq’s strengthening prospects, from around 8,000 MW to 14,000 MW.

When there are no power failures, Iraqis gets electricity for roughly two-thirds of the day, on average. Mortality in Iraq is still high during the hot summers due to power shortages and failures.

(Sources: Reuters; AKNews)

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Basra Investment Commission has announced a new investment opportunity for the establishment of power plant in the Hartha area.

The new plant will have a capacity of 100 MegaWatts.

Companies interested in this opportunity should contact Basra Investment Commission for more details: info@investbasrah.com

(Source: Basra Investment Commmission)

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China Machinery Engineering Corp (CMEC) signed a $1.19 billion contract to build a 1,260-megawatt power station in Iraq, according to Gulf News.

The Beijing-based company will install the natural-gas-fired plant in the Salahuddin governorate north of the Iraqi capital within 45 months, Mussab Serri, an Electricity Ministry spokesman, said in an interview during the signing ceremony in Baghdad.

(Source: Gulf News)

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