Bugete si proiecte

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Iraq’s Cabinet has approved a federal spending plan of almost $100 billion for 2012.

The budget is based on an oil price of $85 a barrel and is smaller than the $112 billion spending plan discussed by the Cabinet in September, which was based on an oil price of $90 a barrel.

The deficit will be about 16 trillion dinars ($14 billion).

Revenue projections are based on exports of 2.6 million barrels of oil a day, including 175,000 barrels from the northern Kurdish region.

Iraq’s 2011 budget was $82.6 billion, based on an average oil price of $76.50 per barrel and 2.2 million bpd in crude exports.

Iraq also has $4.5 billion in International Monetary Fund loans available should it need additional funds, government spokesman Ali al-Dabbagh (pictured) said.

(Sources: Bloomberg, Reuters)

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Mai jos sunt cateva exemple de proiectele si bugete estimative aprobate pt 2011.  


Dintre ele, in Kurdistan mentionam:

depozit gaz lichid erbil 3 mi
depozit petrol halap, suleimania 20 mil, duhoc 5-6  mil
drum nou  duhoc zaho 2 tunele 38 mil
tunel duhoc 3,5 km – 12 km drum 25 mil
statie apa mahmud 5 mil, 2 mil gwar
canalizare erbil zilan 7 mil
apa barza canalizare 80 mil
spital erbil 11 mil
scoala 80 clase1500 erbil 1,5 mil
campus universitar 20 mil
rectorat 20 mil
piscina si complex sportiv 5,5 mil
dig docan 10 mil
camine stud duhoc 14 mil
arhitectura dig camis 4 mil
33 kw lark sulaimania 30 km 5 mil
10 km 132 kw erbil 15 mil
60km soran 132 kw 17 mil
70 km20 mil
daklan 60 km 17 mil
statie harin  17 11/33/132 20 mil
statie erbil 29 mil
statie erbil 28-29 mil
statie koya 132 10 mi
statie 22 mil
statie erbil 22 mil
statie rezan 15 mil
statie saclana 5 mi
contoare erbil 20 mil
extindere 25 mil
puscarie 30 mil
laborator mat constructi 18 mil
scoala militara 17 mil
strada 10 mil

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