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Produsul KCL (drilling grade potassium chloride)
Cantitate Nu este mentionata
Conditii tehnice specifice (certificari, standarde, etc.) Moisture:max.0.2%Chloride content:min.97.5%

Materiale insolubile: max.0.5%


pH in 5% solutie:6.5-7.5

Metale grele: max.0.2%


Conditii contractuale specifice (legislatie locala, etc) Vor fi convenite de comun acord cu furnizorul
Conditii de livrare/transport CIF Aqaba Port
Conditii de plata L/C sau alte variante agreate
Propunere de cooperare/investitie/privatizare/etc Import
Bonitate firma Firma iordaniana nu figureaza cu probleme
Date suplimentare Produsul solicitat este destinat pietei irakiene
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Thanks for inquiring about future business opportunities in Iraqi-Kurdistan with our company.

Are you interested in the supply of Crude Oil from SOMO. If you know any refineries that are interested in buying Crude Oil, we can work directly with SOMO to secure you an attractive discount, depending on the destination.

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which kind of project you can do it now ?
do you know any big  construction company have heavy machinary ?
willing to bring its to here ?
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canalizare 350 milioane usd

spital cu 450 paturi 35 milioane

constructie primarie 40 milioane

statie curent 350 milioane



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In other words,IF  you can find a a small plant is equipped withthe following:Seeking liquid nitrogen generator
10 L/hr  Please send us details & specification for this mini plant

Capacity liquid nitrogen 10 Liter / hr
Liquid nitrogen production at nominal production( room temp. parameters)
The out put production maximum 14 Liter /hr at 3,0 bar (g) ,purity98%:
10 Liter /hr
purity 99.99%power connected 38-55 kw
voltage 380-440 cooling water
pressure 200 bar
gas temperature < 35C
compressor unit
air seperation column
indicator panel= voltage , pressure , speed,hz
warranty 2 years
motor elect.
rating 7.5 kw
speed 1400rpm
V 380
frquency 50Hz

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Iraq as a whole , and Kurdistan Region in particular is enjoying unprecedented  economic growth in all fields , especially tourism , trade , and construction. Flow of foreign investment is increasing year in year out , so is local investment , thanks to the stable security environment, encouragement of  Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) through laws and regulations that encourage investment and economic growth , increasing personal income of individuals , and the unique climatic conditions and landscape beauty the area enjoys.

We decided couple of years ago to construct a small-scale tourist project in Anishki  in Duhok governorate of Kurdistan,Iraq . On an area of 12,000 M2  , we constructed ;
– Five houses each of an area of 70 M2  and an attached garden of 45 M2 for every house.
– Restaurant of an area of 140M2 , with a kitchen area of 40M2.
– Garden of the restaurant is of an area of 1000 M2.

Next to this project is an ancient cave that draws some 4000 visitors every year , and those visitors choose to stay in Duhok city for the night as there are no accommodation (motels/hotels) available in the area.

The weather is very nice during the period  April – September , and is also comfortable in March and October , but in the winter  the area is characterized  with fall of snow especially in the months of  December, January, and February.

The project was opened and one house is  leased for $ 100 to $ 150 per night .


The following is recommended to be added to the project to make is medium-scale tourist project :

– hotel with 30 rooms (12 suites and 18 rooms)
– swimming pool
– 20 tourist house
– Recreation facilities and playground

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We have a telecom project in Kurdistan in which we are looking for a partner to finance.  The project is basically to provide wireless internet network in Kurdistan by utilizing WiFi and or WiMax technology.  The group I represent is a prominent group in Kurdistan and currently has a license for WiFi and WiMax.  Let me know if this is something you have an interest in.

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if you know the refinery folks and they are interested in Iraqi Crude oil then definitely we can provide you the requested quantity.The documents needed are as follows :

1. A letter on refinery letterhead stating the monthly quantity of crude oil needed.

2. Company profile of the company.

3.A letter stating the fact that ” the name at that time you aks for ”  is working as a representative of the company in Iraq.

4. Sate lite image of the refinery.

All the documents need to be endorsed by the Iraqi Embassy of the corresponding country and hard copies need to be sent.

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