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People who suffer from short-sightedness, long-sightedness or astigmatism now have the possibility of giving up their glasses or contact lenses in only 4 minutes, through a new intervention in Romania, Gandul writes.

The treatment uses laser to correct sight problems and is one of the safest and most modern laser interventions. The technology is even applied to correct sight defects in NASA astronauts and US pilots.

“This procedure is personalized based on every patient’s needs. So that the treatment has the desired result, all fundamental particularities of the patient’s sight are taken into consideration, thus providing a treatment in line with the affected eye’s structure,” said Dr. Mihaela Simion, an ophthalmologist with a Bucharest private clinic.

“Normally, both eyes are treated in the same intervention and it take about four minutes. The patient is aware during the operation but they can be given mild anesthesia. Recovery is a lot shorter and less painful due to this technology,” the doctor added.

The treatment can be applied to any people who wear glasses or contact lenses and are over 21, without suffering from ailments such as keratoconus or high eye pressure and whose sight defects did not change in at least a year. Pregnant women and those who breastfeed cannot undertake the intervention, Dr. Simion added

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