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KRG President Approves 2013 Budget

The President of Kurdistan Region, Massoud Barzani (pictured), has approved the budget for 2013, officials from Ministry of Justice from KRG said.

This follows the budget’s approval last week by a majority of the Kurdistan parliament.

(Sources: Kurdsat, AIN)

Parliament Passes Budget, KRG Unhappy with Oil Revenues

The Iraqi parliament passed the 2013 budget of the 138 trillion Iraqi dinars ($118.5 billion) on Thursday, allocating to Kurdistan just a fraction of the oil revenue the region requested, reports Wall Street Journal.

Ibrahim al-Mutlaq, a member of the parliamentary finance committee, said the budget allocates 750 billion Iraqi dinars ($644 million) for oil companies operating in the semi-autonomous region, which include majors such as Exxon MobilGazprom Neft and Chevron; the Kurdish government had asked for $3.5 billion, including outstanding payments covering all exports between 2010 and 2013.

The budget decision adds to existing tensions between the Kurdish region and Baghdad over oil exploration rights, trade with Turkey and the redevelopment of oil fields in a disputed territory.

Kurdish lawmakers boycotted the session which led to the passing of the budget, Mr. al-Mutlaq said.

Jaber al-Jaberi, an Iraqiya MP among those who boycotted the session, said he expects the Kurds to go to the federal court to disrupt the budget.

(Sources: WSJ, Reuters)


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A member of Kirkuk Provincial Council has announced that there new power plants will soon be installed in the province.

Fuad Hussein said the decision was made after the deputy electricity minister met the Council.

An Iranian company will install two 196MW plants in Dubiz district, while a South Korean company will install the other 293MW plant in Taza district. The total cost of the is estimated at $160 millio.

(Source: AKnews)

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canalizare 350 milioane usd

spital cu 450 paturi 35 milioane

constructie primarie 40 milioane

statie curent 350 milioane



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Iraqi health authorities have decided to build 18 hospitals throughout the country with an total budget of US$2 billion, according to a report from AKnews.

Adil Mohsen, General Inspector at the Health Ministry, told AKnews that the majority of the hospitals will have at least 100 beds and will be constructed according to international standards.

There are 321 public and private hospitals in Iraq with a total medical staff of 25,000. On Sunday, the Ministry said the country needed some 7,000 anesthetists.

Mohsen said among the hospitals will be “specialized hospitals for heart disease, nervous system, burns, and maternity.”

The Ministry of Health announced earlier this month that its 2012 budget exceeds US$6 billion. The Ministry said it will sue the money to build 150 clinics, contracting with more doctors including Indian medical practitioners.

(Source: AKnews)

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1- River navigation channels
2- River wharfs
3- Maritime navigation channels
4- Ports and wharfs

Transfer Equipments
1- Procurement of ports handling equipments

General Services:
1- Supplying, installing and operating 4 water desalination units for the State Co. for ports
2- Studying and implementing marine pollution project
3- Procurement of maritime units
4- Improving electricity power supply for ports
5- Procurement of 2 vessels for the State Co. for maritime transportation
6- Procurement of costal ships and clean water tankers for the State Co. for maritime transportation
7- Management and support for the Japanese loan projects
8- Cathodic protection for ports wharfs
9- Management and support for Grand Faw consultancy contract
10- Supplying and installing costal radio communications station (GRS)
11- Building 10 miscellaneous ships
Studies and Consultations
Auditing for implemented and withdrawn projects

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1- Procurement of 2 meteorology radar systems in A’ana and Baghdad

International Airport
Studies and Consultancies:
1- Preparing designs and studies for State Co. for Iraqi Airways projects

General Services:
1- Replacement of 18 air bridges at Baghdad International Airport
2- Replacement of fire alarm and self extinguishing systems
3- Runway illumination at Baghdad International Airport
4- Rehabilitation of Basra International Airport
5- Rehabilitation of Mosul International Airport
6- Rehabilitation of Civil Aviation Institution
7- Rehabilitation of Aircrafts parking spaces at Baghdad International Airport
8- Management and support for Karbala International Airport’s consultancy contract
9- Radio coverage
10- Rehabilitation of 3 generators at Baghdad International Airport
11- Rehabilitation of Baghdad International Airport
12- Establishing Air training and development centre
13- Transferring current air cargo department into Cargo Village
Auditing for implemented and withdrawn projects

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Land Transportation:
1- Passengers transportation
2- Goods transportation

General Services:
1- Construction of multi-storey park for delegations transportation company
2- Construction of the International Karbala car park
3- Expansion of the State Co. for passengers’ printing house
4- Importation of 200 trucks for the State Co. for land transportation
5- Procurement of miscellaneous coaches and spare parts
6- Construction of Al-Nahdha passengers station
7- Construction of the International Najaf car park
8- Construction of Mosul passengers station
9- Construction of Aur passengers station in Nasiriya
10- Smart gates for passengers stations and offices in Baghdad
11- Land Acquisition, studies and designs
12- Construction of offices building for Al-Thilal company and its branches

Studies and Consultancies:
1- Preparing designs and studies for private passengers stations in Baghdad and the provinces
2- Designing and studying building Basra land transportation park
Auditing for implemented and withdrawn projects

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Construction of Rail lines and facilities for:
1- Samawa – Nasiriya – Gubaishiya line
2- Yosofiya – Hilla – Samawa line
3- Baiji – Hamam Al-Aleel line
4- Gubaishiya – Basra – Um Qasir line
5- Baghdad – Baiji line
6- Hamam Al-Aleel – Mosul – Saboniya – Rabia’a line
7- Musayib – Karbala line
8- Baghdad Circular line
9- Construction of railways bridge on the Euphrates river near Samawa

Mobile Units:
1- Refurbishment and modernization of 4000 miscellaneous carriages
2- Carriages reconstruction
3- Passengers carriages reconstruction

General Services:
1- Procurement of specialized rail machinery (Details to be discussed with companies)
2- Procurement of transportation communications network
3- Concrete Slabs Manufacturing Unit for Railways
4- Construction of concrete beams plant in Samawa complete with operational parts
5- Acquisition of land
6- Rehabilitation and modernization of Baghdad central station trains shelter, technical station and other station workshops and facilities
7- Rehabilitation and modernization of Shaljiya plants and central warehouses
8- Reconstruction of Baghdad – Basra and Baghdad – Mosul train lines
9- Construction of an engineering consultancy office
10- Construction of pre-cast concrete blocks plant
Feasibility Studies and Consultancies:
1- Conducting connecting Iraq with neighboring countries (feasibility study)
2- Conducting Baghdad – Baquba – Kirkuk – Erbil – Mosul rail line consultancy
3- Conducting Mosul – Dohuk – Zakho rail line consultancy
4- Conducting Basra – Faw rail line consultancy
5- Preparing studies and designs for Kirkuk – Sulaimaniya and Hamam Al-Aleel– Saboniya rail lines
6- Conducting Karbala – Ramadi rail line consultancy study

Express Transportation (Metro)

Rail Intersections:
1- Construction of 70 bridged intersections for railways
Auditing for implemented and withdrawn projects

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The Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) is planning to implement services projects costing a total of 67 billion dinars ($57 million) in the areas of Khaniqin, Jalawla’ and Sadiya, according to Aswat al-Iraq.

Khaniqin and other adjacent areas are among the areas disputed between the central government and Kurdistan, a problem which it is hoped will be solved according article 140 of the constitution.

(Source: Aswat al-Iraq)

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The Ministry of Construction and Housing announced on Thursday that it has begun an affordable housing project which has an allocation of $2 billion (2,300 billion IQD) from the 2012 budget.

Istabrak al-Shawq  [Istabraq Al-Shouk] (pictured), the Under Secretary of the Ministry, told AKnews that the project will be completed within four years and three construction models for the project were chosen.

“The main problems that hinder the implementation of residential projects is the lack of suitable land.” He continued: “The financial allocations for this year are less than what we have planned for.”

Reports and studies prepared by non-governmental organizations and international companies say it will take Iraq 20 years to end the housing crisis.

(Source: AKnews)

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