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Numele firmei Rudyal
Adresa Bucuresti
Telefon 0040722859586
Adresa site
Persoana de contact/Department Samer Majed
Produs (denumire tehnico-comerciala) Constructie fabrica de silicat de sodiu in Irak [#3556}
Conditii tehnice specifice (certificate calitate, etc) Anexa Fabrica silicat de sodiu Irak
Conditii contractuale specifice (legislatie locala, etc) Se discuta cu partenerul
Conditii de livrare/transport La cheie
Conditii de plata Se discuta cu partenerul
Propunere de cooperare/investitie/privatizare/etc
Bonitate firma Contract finantat de la bugetul statului
Date suplimentare
Relatii suplimentare si sprijin BPCE Consilier economic – Robert Rosulescu

BPCE Bagdad

Tel. mobil: 00964-7812955612


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Numele firmei Ster Group
Adresa Erbil, KRG, Iraq
Adresa site  
Persoana de contact/Department Dl. Shawkat Tahir – telefon 009647508966921
Produs (denumire tehnico-comerciala) Subcontractare constructii: complex studentesc
Cantitate 4 cladiri cu 3 etaje, amprenta la sol 2100 mp, locatie: Universitatea Salahudin, Erbil. Materiale si echipamente sunt asigurate de contractor
Conditii tehnice specifice (certificate calitate, etc) Se discuta cu partenerul
Conditii contractuale specifice (legislatie locala, etc) Se discuta cu partenerul
Conditii de livrare/transport  –
Conditii de plata Se discuta cu partenerul
Propunere de cooperare/investitie/privatizare/etc
Bonitate firma
Date suplimentare Se solicita in plus saparea unui put de apa; receptia dotata cu cafenea, sala de sport si 8 spatii pentru magazine.
Relatii suplimentare si sprijin BPCE Consilier economic – Robert Rosulescu

BPCE Bagdad

Tel. mobil: 00964-7812955612


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RW [Rotondo Weirich], through its division in United Arab Emirates, RW Middle East, has built the first modular precast concrete villa, located in Samawah City, Al Muthanna Governorate, Southern Iraq.

This 2,500 ft2 villa demonstrates the technology and benefits of fast track precast modular concrete construction versus other methods of residential building in the gulf region, such as precast panels or traditional masonry construction.

“Imagine assembling a secure, sustainable, villa in just one day, allowing for thousands to be built in half the time of traditional masonry construction. That’s exactly what we have done,” says Ahmed Halet of RW Middle East.

RW shipped their formwork from the US to Southern Iraq, and specialized supervisors temporarily moved to Samawah City to manage and train local Iraqi workers in modular precast construction. All materials and equipment used to build the villa were procured locally and the local workers gained knowledge and training which can now be transferred to their next jobs.

Developers are finding RW’s precast modular construction to be an ideal fit for building in the Middle East. By producing the modules onsite, the time and risk usually present when transporting modules from a factory to the site is removed. Once pulled from the mold, the pieces are erected into place and finishing begins. Schedules are drastically reduced, there is minimal waste, significant cost savings, and the result is a sustainable, durable, and secure product.

“Precast modular construction is the right fit for new large scale housing due to the fast paced construction, strength, and durability of the materials and technology used,” said Steve Weirich, President and CEO of RW. “Once a project has been slated for construction, one 4-bedroom villa can be produced per day per set of formwork.

The model villa is complete with interior finishes, electrical, and plumbing, and it is open for demonstration and viewing purposes. RW’s vision is to produce thousands of the modular precast villas to provide high quality, affordable housing for citizens of Southern Iraq. The team intends to expand construction activities to other areas and countries in the Middle East.

(Source: Rotondo Weirich)

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Construction has started on a $34 million (40 billion Iraqi dinar) residential project in the province of Nineveh, reports AKnews.

The 560 homes will be built on an 82-acre site close to the famed waterfall cascades in northern Mosul, in a joint-effort by Iraqiya and Andalusia Construction Companies.

Nineveh’s Governor, Athil Nujaifi, said the project will be completed by the beginning of 2013.

The companies recently completed the construction of a compound in Hadba, which includes 65 buildings, each containing three flats.

(Source: AKnews)

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Iraqi health authorities have decided to build 18 hospitals throughout the country with an total budget of US$2 billion, according to a report from AKnews.

Adil Mohsen, General Inspector at the Health Ministry, told AKnews that the majority of the hospitals will have at least 100 beds and will be constructed according to international standards.

There are 321 public and private hospitals in Iraq with a total medical staff of 25,000. On Sunday, the Ministry said the country needed some 7,000 anesthetists.

Mohsen said among the hospitals will be “specialized hospitals for heart disease, nervous system, burns, and maternity.”

The Ministry of Health announced earlier this month that its 2012 budget exceeds US$6 billion. The Ministry said it will sue the money to build 150 clinics, contracting with more doctors including Indian medical practitioners.

(Source: AKnews)

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The Iraqi housing and rehabilitation minister, Mr Mohammad Darraji, has urged Jordanian construction firms and contractors to enter Iraq, reports Steel Guru.

Jordanians have a real opportunity to contribute to Iraq’s huge rebuilding projects, for which the government has allocated $40 billion in 2012, he said.

Mr Darraji made the remarks during a meeting with Jordanian minister of public works and housing, Mr Yahia Al Kasbi, and leading businessmen in the construction sector.

Describing it as a “reconstruction blueprint unprecedented in the Arab area”, he added that “given their expertise and reputation, Jordanian and other Arab contracting firms can have a tangible role in the Iraqi reconstruction process.”

He went on to assure them that investments in the reconstruction activity would be guaranteed by the Iraqi government.

(Source: Steel Guru)

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1- River navigation channels
2- River wharfs
3- Maritime navigation channels
4- Ports and wharfs

Transfer Equipments
1- Procurement of ports handling equipments

General Services:
1- Supplying, installing and operating 4 water desalination units for the State Co. for ports
2- Studying and implementing marine pollution project
3- Procurement of maritime units
4- Improving electricity power supply for ports
5- Procurement of 2 vessels for the State Co. for maritime transportation
6- Procurement of costal ships and clean water tankers for the State Co. for maritime transportation
7- Management and support for the Japanese loan projects
8- Cathodic protection for ports wharfs
9- Management and support for Grand Faw consultancy contract
10- Supplying and installing costal radio communications station (GRS)
11- Building 10 miscellaneous ships
Studies and Consultations
Auditing for implemented and withdrawn projects

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Land Transportation:
1- Passengers transportation
2- Goods transportation

General Services:
1- Construction of multi-storey park for delegations transportation company
2- Construction of the International Karbala car park
3- Expansion of the State Co. for passengers’ printing house
4- Importation of 200 trucks for the State Co. for land transportation
5- Procurement of miscellaneous coaches and spare parts
6- Construction of Al-Nahdha passengers station
7- Construction of the International Najaf car park
8- Construction of Mosul passengers station
9- Construction of Aur passengers station in Nasiriya
10- Smart gates for passengers stations and offices in Baghdad
11- Land Acquisition, studies and designs
12- Construction of offices building for Al-Thilal company and its branches

Studies and Consultancies:
1- Preparing designs and studies for private passengers stations in Baghdad and the provinces
2- Designing and studying building Basra land transportation park
Auditing for implemented and withdrawn projects

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Construction of Rail lines and facilities for:
1- Samawa – Nasiriya – Gubaishiya line
2- Yosofiya – Hilla – Samawa line
3- Baiji – Hamam Al-Aleel line
4- Gubaishiya – Basra – Um Qasir line
5- Baghdad – Baiji line
6- Hamam Al-Aleel – Mosul – Saboniya – Rabia’a line
7- Musayib – Karbala line
8- Baghdad Circular line
9- Construction of railways bridge on the Euphrates river near Samawa

Mobile Units:
1- Refurbishment and modernization of 4000 miscellaneous carriages
2- Carriages reconstruction
3- Passengers carriages reconstruction

General Services:
1- Procurement of specialized rail machinery (Details to be discussed with companies)
2- Procurement of transportation communications network
3- Concrete Slabs Manufacturing Unit for Railways
4- Construction of concrete beams plant in Samawa complete with operational parts
5- Acquisition of land
6- Rehabilitation and modernization of Baghdad central station trains shelter, technical station and other station workshops and facilities
7- Rehabilitation and modernization of Shaljiya plants and central warehouses
8- Reconstruction of Baghdad – Basra and Baghdad – Mosul train lines
9- Construction of an engineering consultancy office
10- Construction of pre-cast concrete blocks plant
Feasibility Studies and Consultancies:
1- Conducting connecting Iraq with neighboring countries (feasibility study)
2- Conducting Baghdad – Baquba – Kirkuk – Erbil – Mosul rail line consultancy
3- Conducting Mosul – Dohuk – Zakho rail line consultancy
4- Conducting Basra – Faw rail line consultancy
5- Preparing studies and designs for Kirkuk – Sulaimaniya and Hamam Al-Aleel– Saboniya rail lines
6- Conducting Karbala – Ramadi rail line consultancy study

Express Transportation (Metro)

Rail Intersections:
1- Construction of 70 bridged intersections for railways
Auditing for implemented and withdrawn projects

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The National Investment Commission is pleased to announce the investment opportunity to construct a complete residential complex for the employees of the Shiite Endowments Directorate in Baghdad – Karrada district within a total area of (60) acres in accordance with the Investment law No. 13 of 2006 as amended and according to the requirements set below:

1- The project includes the establishment of a residential complex of vertical eight-storey buildings each

2- Number of units to be implemented is (2400) housing units with areas of (125 m ², 175 m ², 225 m ²)

3- Constructing schools for the three phases with nurseries – medical centre – a shopping and marketing center – a cultural center – services (water, sewage, power stations and generators).

4- a playground, passengers roads, parking spaces and green areas in accordance with the in forced relevant standards of the Municipality of Baghdad and the Ministry of Housing and Construction.

5- The system of funding for this project will be supported through a bank that should be accredited by the Central Bank of Iraq to be a mediator between the beneficiary and the investor while the cost of each apartment and the payment mechanism is to be negotiated with the investing company and the mediator bank.

Investors who wish to apply for this investment opportunity can provide their technical, economic and financing plans and fill in the investment application form available on the website of the National Investment Commission and attach requirements described on page (7) of the same form.
Note: You can apply for this investment opportunity within one month from the date of publication of this announcement.

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